Skoon Cat Litter Reviews: Will Your Lovely Cats Love It?

Skoon cat litter reviews

Many Skoon cat litter reviews praise this litter as the best cat litter that is made of absorptive and safe diatomaceous earth. Meanwhile, many users reported that the litter smells like a nasty and wet “rabbit cage.”

Which is true, and whether you should buy Skoon cat litter?

You will find the answer in this comprehensive review! For your reference, we also give an overview of the Skoon brand and explanations for frequently asked questions. Check now!

An Overview of Skoon Products

Brand Overview

The name “Skoon” is related to the main ingredient in this cat litter. It is the natural skoon diatom pebble. Despite being a new brand in the market, Skoon is becoming more and more popular among cat owners due to its quality products.

Check Skoon cat litter reviews below and you will understand the reason why.

What kinds of litter does Skoon offer?

Skoon offer

For the time being, Skoon offers only one product called Skoon All-Nature Cat Litter available with a wide choice of scents. Thus, this product becomes the brand’s signature.

So, what makes it different from other cat litters?

Skoon Cat Litter uses high-quality diatomite pebbles rather than clay and chemicals like others. These pebbles are supposed to feature an excellent absorption, less moisture concentration, quick odor trap, and eco-friendliness.

Skoon Rating

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Price – 3/5

To tell the truth, Skoon cat litter is somewhat too expensive in comparison with most clay litters.

Accordingly, an 8-lb bag of Skoon cat litter can last for only 2 to 3 weeks. The litter might even run out more quickly if you have many cats or you want to exchange the litter frequently.

Fortunately, Skoon offers a trial subscription so that you can figure out if Skoon litter is economical for your cats and whether they love it.

Absorbent capacity – 4/5

We confirm that diatomite pebbles are excellent at absorption to ensure the litter box is clean and dry at all times.

Accordingly, this material is chipped into chunks before being heated to form an absorbent structure. This size prevents the litter from mixing with other particles. As a result, the Skoon litter can trap liquid three times better than usual clay-based litter.

Odor control – 4/5

Skoon litter can not beat silica-based litters when it comes to odor control

However, we are still very impressed by how Skoon cat litter works. With its absorbent ability, the litter can dry liquids quickly. In other words, it prevents urine from combining with moisture and other bacteria, which cause a disgusting smell.

Even better, the pebbles are all-natural without artificial scents.

Dust/Tracking – 4/5


There might be a small dust cloud when you pour the litter into the box. Then, the dust settles quickly. So, as long as you pour the litter slowly, the dust will not be problematic.

What’s more, the litter does not leave traces and tracking. The pebbles are large enough so that they do not stick into the cat’s paws.

Easy to Scoop – 4/5

You can scoop out the Skoon cat litter with ease – clean and dry because the pebbles trap liquids quickly. In addition, Skoon offers a particular scooper (with much larger holes) to help remove solid waste with ease and save more pebbles.

Skoon Cat Litter Reviews

Skoon Cat Litter

We cover some key points above. Now, let’s step into detailed Skoon cat litter reviews with some scientific information.


Although pebbles look larger than many litters, it is significantly lighter – about 4 times lighter than a pail of clumping litter. Thus, an 8-lb bag contains an equivalent amount to the 32-lb standard litter bag.

The compact size of the bag also is helpful in cases of transportation and storage.


The ingredients are non-toxic and 100% organic. This makes Skoon cat litter all-natural. However, it is also the reason why this litter is a bit more expensive than usual.

Hence, we recommend this Skoon cat litter for environmental devotees rather than price-conscious consumers.


This litter significantly reduces your cats’ carbon footprint over their lifetime. Specifically, the diatom pebbles can break down naturally at the landfill, so you can place the litter waste in the trash bags and send them off.

Otherwise, you can dig a bed in the garden and add some scoops of cat litter to plant flowers and veggies.

Safe for cats

Skoon cat litter is safe for your pets and everyone in your home.

Firstly, there is hardly any complaint about tracking, so you can rest assured that the litter will not stick to cats’ paws. In other words, you needn’t worry about unhealthy licking that harms your cute cats.

Secondly, it does not cause problems with digestion. Even when your cats accidentally swallow the litter, it will pass through like a solid.

No odor-masking fragrances

We don’t recommend that many manufacturers add perfumes to cover up the odor. Those litters with fake scents might smell good out of the box, but it smells disgusting after absorbing urine and moisture.

Thank goodness!

No chemicals or odor fragrances are found in the Skoon cat litter. Hence, it is hypoallergenic. We tested the litter with urine, and it was utterly absorbed in blinks. No odor follows up, then.

We even searched some Skoon cat litter reviews on Reddit, there are also no complaints about odors.

Different textures

Different textures

The only problem besides its price is the texture.

Accordingly, Skoon litter features a small-rock texture, with light gray. This form is different from other common litter. Thus, your cats might have to take time to get familiar with the litter. They might be a bit hesitant to stand and scratch around.

We advise you to sign up for a trial and give your pets some time to find out if they want Skoon cat litter or not.

  • Lightweight
  • Well-absorbent
  • Less dust and tracking
  • Almost no odor
  • Easy to scoop out
  • Health- and environmentally-friendly
  • Expensive
  • Different texture


Here comes more useful information.

Is Skoon flushable?

Not. We do not recommend flushing Skoon cat litter or any litter as well. This action might cause clogged toilets, health concerns, and other plumbing issues. Instead, you should place the litter waste in your trash bin or recycle it to plant flowers and veggies.

How do I use Skoon cat litter?

How do I use Skoon cat litter?

If you buy an additional Skoon disposable box, just open the package and fold the caps in. Pour the litter slowly into the box. Each box is 4 lb, comfortable enough to contain litter for 2 or 3 weeks.

When you notice the change in Skoon pebbles to an off-white appearance, then, it is time to scoop them out. We recommend using a particular scooper by Skoon.

Does Skoon work with automatic cat litter boxes?

Unfortunately, not for the time being. However, the manufacturer promised to introduce new features soon. At that time, cleaning and exchanging litter will become even easier.

Is Skoon cat litter safe?

Yes, the litter is non-toxic, free of odor fragrances. It is also environmentally friendly, as we confirmed above. Such peace of mind!

Where to buy Skoon cat litter?

You can contact Skoon for a trial subscription via their website. The Skoon cat litter is also commonly available in some online and offline shops. Thus, it is safe to say that Skoon cat litter is always available at hand.

Overall, is Skoon Litter good?

To sum up, this litter is suitable for its absorbent quality and safe ingredients. However, the price is not very affordable. Still, we recommend this litter for your lovely cats after summing up all the pros and cons – from our test and Skoon cat litter reviews.

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