Finding the right litter boxes or litter pan, or litter tray will make both of your lives easier. The litter box that should be used differs depending on the size of your cat, their litter habits, preferences, and aesthetics. Some cats like to kick litter and pee outside of the litter box, there's nothing worse than having to clean up their mess.

To minimize cleaning, you will need a litter box that fits your unique cat. It may be difficult to find the perfect litter box, so we looked at dozens of litter boxes and litter pans to find the best, highest quality, and most durable litter box based on price, design, and whether they were self-cleaning.

Type of Cat Litter Boxes:

  1. Open litter pans
  2. Hooded litter boxes
  3. Top-entry litter boxes
  4. Self-cleaning litter boxes
  5. Disposable litter boxes
  6. Travel litter boxes