Best Cat Litter For Multiple Cats

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Best Cat Litter

When choosing the best cat litter, remember that the right product can make cleaning easier. The best litters feature a clumping formula, which locks in odors for up to seven days. Also, make sure you choose a brand that has a large particle size so your kitty can’t slip around. The best litter for your cat will satisfy their needs and respect their natural instincts. It should be easy to scoop, low-dust, and fragrance-free. The best cat litter will also minimize the smell of ammonia and reduce the amount of litter needed. This type of litter is also good for cats that are sensitive to dust or have respiratory problems.

If you’re worried about your cat’s health, consider buying cat litter that’s made with 100 percent biodegradable and environmentally-friendly ingredients. These litters are available in many forms, and some even are flushable. In addition, they contain odor-controlling ingredients, which makes them good for cats with allergies.

One type of litter that’s ideal for your kitty is made from recycled paper. Recycled paper is also a good choice because it doesn’t stick to surgical sites and isn’t as dusty. Another option is Pine Litter. Pine litter is a cost-effective alternative to conventional cat litter. Its fresh scent is appealing to most people.

If your kitty has recently had surgery, you should try a non-clumping litter. It will be easier for you to clean the litter box.

There are many other great options that may work with your cat, keep reading on to get the best one that helps keep your cats happy with a natural cat litter and is also considered the cat litter for kittens.

Detailed Reviews of Top 14 Best Cat Litter in 2022

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Unscented Ultra Clumping – Best Clumping Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey's Ultra Premium Clumping Litter

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If you are a busy cat owner, Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Litter could be the holy grail you have been seeking for. This pick is among the best products with a formula of medium grain clay to turn waste into hard clumps for easy cleaning.

Hard solid, easily scoop

As the name reveals, this Dr. Elsey litter contains 100% sodium bentonite to clump the waste. You may not know this, but bentonite is an expandable cement that swells to 15 times its dry size when coming in contact with a fluid. As a result, it absorbs almost all waste or moisture before it reaches the litter box’s bottom. You can easily scoop clumps without making a mess. We strongly recommend the litter for expensive mechanical or sifting collectors.

Excellent odor control

An effective clumping ability often goes with excellent odor control; the litter will suck up the urine and feces, giving the waste no chance to give off bad scents. We also appreciate that the manufacturer does not use chemical fragrances to mask the odor. That said, your home will always feel clean and fresh.

Less dust

Sodium bentonite itself sucks the moisture and becomes heavy quickly. As such, it creates less dust. Even when you pour the litter, it will not spill and kick up grime. When scooped out, the clumps are also dry and do not cause any mess. With such a low-dust performance, Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Litter is the great preferred by sensitive cats and owners suffering from allergies.

Little mess around but tracking is more reliable than other products

We are disappointed with the tracking. We expected the content to be heavy and non-tracking granules as advertised, yet we still found a little mess after several days. The hard formula makes it easy for the litter to get stuck on the paws and fall out while your cats are walking.

Anyway, tracking is more reliable than grime or smell and still less than other products.


A good litter overall, but you will find the package of 40 pounds hard to lift and pour. It would be better if Dr. Elsey provided smaller options.

  • Quick to clump
  • Easily shovel
  • Unscented
  • Fast order control
  • Low-dust performance
  • Noticeable tracking
  • Heavy package

Purina Tidy Cat Lightweight Glade Extra Strength – Super Lightweight Cat Litter

Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight Glade Extra Strength

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Easy-to-carry handles

Featuring 17 pounds, the Purina Tidy Cats is labeled as a lightweight litter – easy for you to transport, lift, or pour it out. But is its performance still as praisably as the regular clumping options? Indeed, it is, if not better!

Purina Tidy Cats litter is made of natural clay and mineral products. They are not as hard as the complete sodium bentonite. The package is only less than half of the Dr. Elsey litter. You needn’t struggle with carrying the lug from the store home. Pouring the litter is a decent experience, which is the best! Once you can handle the package comfortably, you will obviously not pick up any dust clouds, or spillage.

Formulated for multiple cat households

You might think that the litter is small and light, so it must absorb the moisture rather slowly. But Purina’s clumping action is surprisingly efficient. We assume it is due to the natural clay in the formula of bentonite, sepiolite, kaolinite, etc. Altogether, the litter will trap moisture and create a negative ionic charge to turn it into hard clumps. They are small but not easy to fall apart.

Ammonia Blocker

The litter collects errant pieces quickly before they attract bacteria and smell terrible. The Glade scent will mask the unpleasant odors effectively as well. In contrast, some owners with a sharp nose complained that the smell is so strong that it even catches a whiff on their cats and irritates them.

Dust & Tracking

Although dust is minimized as much as possible when you pour the litter, it is picked up quickly under the naughty cat’s paws. The light and small patterns easily go up and create a dust storm. Not only does the dust fly in the air, but it also travels with your cats around the house. You had better shield your bright furniture from dirty paws.


Keep the Purina Tidy Cats away if your cats love to dig and stir up the litter. The dust can affect their breathing and digestive systems, even leading to death from a stroke.

  • Lightweight formula
  • Quick clumping action
  • Excellent at controlling odors
  • High dust
  • Tracking a lot
  • Dangerous when cats ingest the small patterns

ARM & HAMMER Cloud-Control Platinum Cat Litter

ARM & HAMMER Cloud-Control Platinum Clumping Cat Litter

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Although we love cats dearly and dream of having more and more cats, caring for so many of them is never an easy task.

14 days of odor control

In this case, ARM & HAMMER Cloud-Controlling Litter is a savior for cleaning multiple cats’ waste. The package is large, quick at odor-controlling, and quick at clumping action.

Odor is the worst problem posed to the owners of multiple cats. If you fail to collect your cat’s errant pieces, even a single one, the litter will get wet and stinky.

ARM & HAMMER features 20% more moisture-activated odor eliminators combined with baking soda. It seals and destroys both urine and feces quickly. Then, the hypoallergenic light scent takes place to mask any odors left, leaving the room fresh and odor-free.

Tight clumps

The quick-clumping ability is another preference for multiple cats. It is a nightmare for a cat to get in when the waste of others is still wet. Thankfully, the litter is as fine as sand – enough to form tight clumps quickly before the waste sticks to the bottom.

Cloud dust control

Significantly low dust is expected from a “cloud control” cat litter. In fact, the soft ARM & HAMMER is nowhere near being lightweight and easy to pick up in the air.

Even when we poured the entire package into the cat litter container without being careful or when the cat dug hard, there was no cloud, just as the manufacturer promised. Very impressive!


The package is not the largest cat litter container available, but the 38 pounds can last up to 10 weeks for two cats, scooping twice a day!


If you forget to shovel the waste daily, be careful that poop smells can overpower the hypoallergenic light scent.

  • A big container for many cats
  • Soft but dry under the cats’ paws
  • Almost no dust and low tracking
  • Good clumping performance
  • Expensive
  • Heavy and hard to move around
  • Light scent that cannot overpower the poop odor

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter

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The platinum Clump & Seal is another cat litter provided by Arm & Hammer. The zero-dust formula is quite similar to the earlier package; however, it is more advanced in terms of sealing stink. This litter could be the answer for cats and cat owners with sensitive noses.

Rock hard clumps for easy scooping

Once we used the product, we knew why the producer called it “Clump” and “Seal” litter. It seals the pop waste into hockey pucks that you can scoop out with minimum effort. Nonetheless, it is true when you get rid of the clumps quickly.

We feel like there is more sand than clay in the formula and that the clumps become a sludgy mess if they contact with additional moisture and crumb.

100% dust-free in the air

As the best odor control, Arm & Hammer adopted no-dust controls into almost all of its products, and the Clump & Seal is not an exception. We hardly find clouds of dust when we pour, mix, or shovel the poop, even when our naughty cat digs the litter very hard.

Not easily tracking

Granules of this Arm & Hammer litter are significantly small and almost feel like coarse sand. It will not easily linger on the cats’ feet and travel around from one room to another. No dust and less tracking are an excellent combination to save time sweeping your house.

7-day odor control, guaranteed

The manufacturer claims the litter provides an odor-free guarantee of seven days by adding 10% more odor eliminators than other competitors on the market.

It turns out that Arm & Hammer uses baking soda to seal the unpleasant aromas in and a citrus fragrance to mask the urine smells. We normally prefer unscented products. Fortunately, the scent is not overwhelming at all, and it does an excellent job of sending bad smells away!


The container is 40 pounds, so you can use it for months before buying a new one.


Many people questioned whether the package must be that heavy, making it hard to control and bring around. Even worse, opening the package is also tricky. There was no pre-torn opening slot, causing us to use the scissors, and the litter just messily poured out.

  • Effective smell control
  • No-dust formula
  • Almost no tracking
  • Decent chemical scent
  • A bit overpriced
  • Not excellent at clumping
  • Heavy package
  • Tricky opening

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Kitten Attract Kitten Training Cat Litter

Dr Elsey Precious Attract Kitten Training Litter

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Choosing kitten cleaning products is even more difficult with more requirements like being safe under the kittens’ paws and upon accidental inhaling. Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Kitten is created with those criteria in mind.

100% safe for your kittens

For your kittens’ safety, the litter must be made from natural ingredients. When evaluating Dr. Elsey’s Precious Attract Kitten Training Litter, clay is the main component, and no chemicals or deodorants are found.

Herb attracts kittens to their litter box

The manufacturer confirms that the herb ingredient attracts the cat to the litter container. Although it does not mention the exact names of the herbs, we can confirm that they work.

We tested with three kittens at the age of over 8 weeks. It feels like the kittens innately know the purpose of the litter right away and get close.

Almost no dust

The Precious Attract Kitten Training litter promises to be almost dust-free – an important factor when buying kitty products. Low dust means fewer respirational problems with small and vulnerable cats.

The litter is suggested to be paired with sifting or mechanical boxes to minimize tracking. In addition, thanks to the granule sizes, it is not sticky to the kitty’s pawns.

Clumping well

Though clumping action is not essential for kitten granules, you will still be happy to know that the Precious Attract Kitten Training clumps the waste well, and it absorbs moisture quickly and creates scoopable hard clumps.

Odor well

Kittens create less urine and feces, so the litter will not smell foul quickly. Also, rest assured if you forget to scoop the clumps for one day, the natural ingredient can deal with the odor well.

Lasts up to one month

We use the package of 20 pounds for three baby cats. It lasts for a month with a scooping frequency of once a day!


The clumping and smell controls are suitable for kittens but not effective enough for adult cats. We also feel unsure about the herbs in the ingredients, wondering whether they can cause any harm to the cat.

  • Lightweight container
  • Long-lasting for multiple kittens
  • Soft and comfortable under tender paws
  • Decent dust controlling and low tracking
  • Attractive formula to train little cats
  • Unknown herbs
  • Not effective for adult cat

Naturally Fresh Walnut – Best Natural Cat Litter

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter - Walnut

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Definitely, it’s not the least because it is for your beloved kittens! Yes, it’s the Naturally Fresh Cat Litter — the Walnut-Based Quick-Clumping Kitty Clumping Litter — and it has been approved by many cats and cat owners alike.

Specially designed for kittens, this litter is 100% biodegradable and all-natural — so you would be assured your little kitten remains unharmed with its use! Its main ingredient is the fibrous material from the shells of walnuts — and these have been certified to be sustainably grown. So, the manufacturers must have been thinking clearly about how to be friendly to the environment, too!

Moreover, this kitty litter is virtually dust-free for allergic-free breathing, and it doesn’t even stick to your kitten’s paws — significantly reducing your problems with tracking!

The best part? This kitty litter’s formulation is just right for training young kittens in using the litter box! Find out more about this special feature below.

So, how does this Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Litter help you in your kitten’s litter box training? Simple! First of all, it contains an amazing blend of natural herbs, working together like a cat attract formula that draws your kitty into the litter box, naturally.

Secondly, this litter doesn’t have any harmful ingredients. In fact, the walnuts from which this kitty litter is made are renewable each year. They’re actually non-food agricultural products that are certified as non-GMO.

Therefore, this Naturally Fresh kitty litter is truly toxin-free, which means your kitten can freely experiment on it without getting harmed.

Odor control

Scented or unscented? Well, we’ve previously discussed the subject of added fragrances, and we’ve concluded that most felines prefer no additional scents. So, this Naturally Fresh Unscented Litter is just perfect for your kitty in terms of smell.

Now, what does this have to do with odor control? Well, it simply means that this litter is taking care of the stinky urine odors through its quick-clumping mechanism.

Yes, a “clumping” feature may not jive well with kitten use — and yet this all-natural litter is definitely an exception! In fact, the clumping feature solves the odor problem. Plus, the resulting natural odors after a litter box session are way better than what you’ll smell from clay, corn, pine, and wheat litters.

Transitioning Your Litter to Naturally Fresh

Getting ready to transition now? Well, we’re glad to be of help! You just have to take note of the following steps

  • Prepare a clean litter box and pour 1 to 2 inches of this Naturally Fresh Kitten Litter into it.
  • Add a top dressing into the box — use the current type of litter that you’ve been using. This is to cover the Naturally Fresh Natural
  • Training Litter underneath.
  • When it’s time to change the whole litter box contents, just reduce the amount of your current litter.
  • Within just one to two changes, your kitty could already be comfortable with his new litter


One problem with the Naturally Fresh Cat Litter is that it produces dirty color tracking! This can be expected from the color of the litter’s walnut shell component. To somehow alleviate the problem, you can use a dark litter mat that would help catch the litter and at the same time, make the surrounding floor look tidier.

  • Environmentally-friendly formula
  • Lighter in weight
  • Many smell eliminators
  • Quick clumping action
  • Stains on light-colored furniture
  • Dusty outcome
  • Possibly moldy

PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Non-Clumping – Best Silica Cat Litter

PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Cat Litter

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Like other crystal litter products, the PetSafe ScoopFree Premium is preferred for the ability to absorb liquid in a short time and trap urine smell effectively. More excitingly, the PetSafe product is extremely economical!

Odor control beteter 5x than clay

PetSafe ScoopFree Premium is made from blue silica gel instead of traditional clay. The manufacturer announces that the material is five times better at controlling smell.

We tested and attributed such performance to the litter’s quick liquid absorption and unscented formula.

Super absorb

In particular, crystal particles have microscopic pores to absorb nearly 40 times their dry weight. It means the waste will be sealed quickly before it smells bad. Without any masked fragrance agents in the formulas, the litter does not blend with urine and creates an awful combination of odors.

Less dust than others

The PetSafe ScoopFree Premium creates less dust than many other products. Yet, it is not dust-free. You should be gentle when you pour the litter or get rid of the waste. Otherwise, the dust cloud can irritate your eyes and throat.

Less tracking

The crystal is in the form of small and lightweight granules. It tends to be jagged under the cats’ paws, leading to a little tracking around the house. But the good news is that the tracking is not as much as other non-clumping crystal litter options.

A big note here: the litter is non-clumping. All urine-soaked and clean particles are mixed up, so you will find it a little hard to separate the waste and scoop it out. Keeping a better eye on it might help. You can also try to stir it up more or use the PetSafe Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Without clumping, the litter can be used longer between the changes. A package of 4.5 pounds can last up to 30 days if you have one cat.


Along with the dusty and tracking formula, we have concerns about the missing ingredient list, and it is not possible to deep-track what is actually in the package.

  • Cheap for cat
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Able to seal and wick the smell quickly
  • No chemical scents found
  • Not dust-free
  • High tracking
  • Possibly stick to the bottom

ökocat Super Soft Natural Wood Clumping – Best Dust Free Cat Litter

ökocat Super Soft Natural Wood Clumping Litter

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Many products claim to be 99% dust-free – but they practically don’t. Nevertheless, you can trust the ökocat Super Soft Natural Wood Litter Clumping Package since it creates no dust clouds at all.

We recommend it for cats and owners who have allergies or sensitive noses.

No cloud dust

The ingredients are all-natural from reclaimed wood. Despite being extra soft, wood particles are far from lightweight, and they do not fly high even if you pour the package into the box not carefully. Since there are no clouds, you can rest assured of letting your kittens dig and play in the box, and they will not inhale flying dust in the air.


In case your cat allergenic the litter, they are still safe. The wood fibers are fir, pine, and spur, not from unknown sources. The fibers are kiln-dried and tested under the Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative policies and without dirt or volatile oils.

Block ammonia odor

The natural wood fibers soak moisture quickly and ease enzymes from bonding with waste and block ammonia odor. There is even a natural scent of pine to mask the bad smells and create a fresh atmosphere around the litter box.

Woods absorb moisture and form hard clumps quickly. Nonetheless, the clumps do not remain in shape for long. They might fall apart if you fail to sift the clumps after one or two hours.

Easy to clean

The disposal process is very simple. You can take it out in the dust bin or flush it in the toilet. The litter is biodegradable.

Tracking a little bit

Tracking is visible because the ökocat Super Soft Natural Wood has a light, bright brown color. It can cause a messy look, indeed.


Most clumps can be scoopable with fine scoops. We found out that the wooden particles are too large, though. You might need to buy a specialized scoop for this litter type!

  • Environmentally-friendly ingredients
  • Biodegradable and flushable
  • Extremely affordable
  • Lightweight and easy to pour
  • No creation of dust
  • Extremely light odor over time
  • Tracking mess
  • A small package than expected

Fresh Step Scented Non-Clumping Clay – Best Non-Clumping Cat Litter

Fresh Step Scented Non-Clumping Clay Cat Litter

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Although clumping products are dominant in the market, some cat owners like the idea of non-clumping alternatives for their affordability, excellent odor control, and low maintenance. You can leave the box uncleaned for a couple of days.

Take Fresh Step Scented Non-Clumping Clay Cat Litter, for example.

7-days odor control

The clay formula works itself to control the odors for up to seven days. Specifically, the high-absorptive clay helps wick the moisture of waste almost immediately. The pee and poop hardly have a chance to reach the bottom, break off, and give out the smell.

Then, the Febreze in the formula helps neutralize and prevent the bacterial odors until you have time to scoop the waste out. It will not remove the stink molecule but work as odor receptors. You will hardly smell anything!

Quick absorb urine

As with other non-clumping products, constituent particles of the Fresh Step Scented remain separately after being soaked in urine. The advanced performance is its 30% lighter weight and quick moisture-absorbing ability.

The litter remains soft, manageable, and convenient to scoop.

No dust formula

The formula is not free of dust. When you pour the litter down in a hurry, you may find a slight lingering dust cloud. Other than that, only low dust kicks up. You can expect the surrounding surfaces to be cleaner and clearer.

Less tracking than others

Tracking granules is noticeable but not as much as other non-clumping products we have used. You can sweep or vacuum them away in less than a couple of minutes. The litter will not stubbornly stick on surfaces.


We like the idea of non-clumping litter that allows us to throw the whole box at the end of the week rather than scooping the clumps every day. The Fresh Step Scented package lived up to the expectation.

As a drawback, the tracking, as mentioned, is not a decent experience.

  • Not expensive
  • Soft and comfortable clay texture
  • Easy to scoop
  • Hide odor excellently
  • Quick liquid absorption
  • Dust generation
  • Visible tracking on surfaces

World’s Best Cat Litter Zero Mess – Good For Picky Cat

World's Best Litter Zero Mess

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Sometimes, your little cat can be picky and refuse to use the litter box. No worries, since the Zero Mess has a special formula of corn and plant-based ingredients to immediately attract the cat to the box.

Septic safe

Clay is a common ingredient for cat litter products, and it creates dust and often comes with chemical scents. Your picky felines may not like it. In this case, natural materials such as corn, timber, grass, herbs, etc., are suggested alternatives.

Natural ingredients

Zero Mess is from corn kernels with a decent scent and a cranky look that attracts curious cats. The plant-based also attracts owners looking for septic safe and flushable, reducing their environmental footprints.

Good liquid absorb

Proceeded corn has a good liquid absorption on contact and forms solid clumps afterward. Like other natural materials, it cannot clump as well as clay, but we find corn better than walnuts or reclaimed timbers, thanks to its smaller texture.

In other words, you can lift the waste out more easily. Note that the corn is flushable in the toilet. There is no need to have a trip to the bins when you are extremely busy.

Perfect trap odors

The natural corn-cereal-scented fibrous patterns can trap pee and poop odors deep inside the litter without any chemical smells.

Corn, unfortunately, cannot combat odors as effectively as the scented clay. Once you detect a mild ammonia aroma, it is time to scoop the waste or add more litter.

No dust

Corn naturally can eliminate silica dust. Thus, you and your cat can breathe comfortably. Even when you sit down to scoop the litter, you find very little dust kicking up.

Less tracking than others

Tracking outside the litter box does happen, but thankfully, with a far lower volume than other natural-based walnut or grasses options.

We found out that the World’s Cat Litter container looks quite small. Fortunately, its super-absorbent compressed corn granules have a long-lasting performance.


Considering the color and natural corn smell, the litter might be mistaken for cats’ food. Although the ingredient is proven to be safe for your cat, we still do not recommend using it for kittens under eight weeks old.

Not to mention, corn is susceptible to mold that releases poisonous Aflatoxin.

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Super-absorbent compressed texture
  • Good clumping action
  • Flushable for ease of cleaning
  • Minimal dust
  • Low tracking
  • Usually mistaken for cats’ food
  • Moldy when contacting with Aspergillus Flavus

Fresh Step Advanced Clumping – Best Litter For Small Apartments

Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter

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Having a small living space cannot prevent you from raising a cat. The big concern is whether the litter has fine odor control and low tracking, though. Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Litter is the best to choose from here!

10-days odor control

While most branded litters can fight off odors for around a week, the Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Litter can last for ten days before you sniff mild aromas and get ready to change the litter.

Such a performance is thanks to its strong formula of Febreze – an effective household odor eliminator.

Less tracking, less stick to cats’ paws

The particles are larger than standard ones, making them less likely to stick under the cats’ paws and furs. Be assured that your small room will be saved from litter outside the littering container.

Hard clumping

From our experience, the litter soaks the moisture and waste quickly to form hard clumps.

The large granules come with large clumps, and they might block the boxes if you do not scoop them out quickly. Your cat might be unhappy struggling to find a clean spot to pee or poop.

Low dust

Low tracking and low dust are what you can be happy about this Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Litter. Try pouring or scooping the litter without caution, and you will agree with us.

Lasts up for two weeks or more

The package comes in two containers of 18.5 pounds. Each lasts for two weeks. We appreciate that the manufacturer divides the litter into two manageable boxes for easy traveling and storage.


This cat litter performs decently overall: from clumping and controlling odors and dust to tracking. Nonetheless, none of those features are exceptionally great, so we find the price is a little costly.

  • Quick to clump
  • Easily scoopable solid clumps
  • No strong chemical scent
  • Perfect order control
  • Low tracking
  • Low-dust performance
  • Expensive packages
  • Not focusable

Weruva Tea Potty! Hinoki Wood & Green Tea

Weruva Tea Potty Green Tea Litter

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Buy this Weruva Tea Potty! Hinoki Wood & Green Tea Litter if you notice that your cat keeps sneezing, wheezing, or even sounds miserable when they are around the litter container. Your littles might have serious allergies.

You already know some natural litters such as walnuts or corns; now, we introduce another alternative from green tea and hinoki wood.

Destroy odor and bacteria

When teaming up, the two materials suppress odor and bacteria naturally. They are also safe for kittens or cats of all ages if they accidentally eat the litter.

The included natural ingredients can fight against bacteria – the main culprit of the litter odors. As a result, the litter has longer-lasting odor controls than traditional clay.

Besides, green tea material has a decent smell that naturally masks the odors. That the formula does not have any chemical scents is pet-friendly.

No dust and no tracking

Dust is the reason why your cat sneeze so much — speaking of which, the Weruva Tea Potty! Hinoki Wood & Green Tea Litter does not create dust even when your naughty cat always digs the container roughly.

The litter does not stick to the paws and furs as the pellets are quite large and heavy.

Last up for 50 days

The big package of 11.7 pounds can last for 50 days, assuming that you only have one cat – a very impressive duration.

There are two size options. The smaller 6.7-pound bag can last for 10 to 30 days, while the bigger 11.7 pounds is usable within 50 days or a little quicker, depending on the number of cats.

Hard clumping but not tightly

The litter forms hard clumps that are scoopable, yet they are not tightly. You must be careful if you do not want them to fall apart and make a mess.


In return, green tea and wood pellets are fully biodegradable in the toilet. It saves time to dispose of the waste.


Due to the pellet shapes, the litter requires a wide-slotted scoop to get the clean pellets to come through. However, those scoops are not easy to find.

  • All-natural ingredients safe for the cat
  • Excellent bacteria and odor control
  • Decent green tea smell
  • Almost no dust
  • Low tracking
  • Affordable
  • Wide scoops required
  • Not clumping well
  • Poor packaging

Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter Refills with Cat Litter Box – Best Non-Tracking Cat Litter

Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter Refills

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Do you get tired of sweeping and vacuuming litter tracks on the floor and furniture, let alone some litter that has distinct colors that leave a noticeable mess? The Purina Tidy Cat BREEZE Litter Refills might be your savior.

Low dust means low tracking

Corn is compressed tightly into pellets, and they hardly create any dust when the litter box is messed around. The low dust means low tracking since the litter does not have a chance to stick on the cats’ bodies and travel around the home.

Easy clean litter pellets designed to work with the Tidy Cats Breeze litter system

These Purina Tidy Cat come in the form of small pellets; however, the liquid absorption is more significant than their sizes. You can scoop the waste after a long working day.

A refilled container also comes. This type of box also helps prevent the pellets from falling outside. You might sniff a slight scent out of the container, yet you should not attribute it to chemical scents or additives. In fact, the litter is made of quality whole-kernel corn. It has an excellent odor control ability, as you might have already known when we introduced the Zero Mess earlier.

One bag of mess-minimizing Breeze litter pellets lasts up to three weeks

At first, we assumed the tiny package of only 3.5 pounds to last for a maximum of one week. After using the litter, we knew we were wrong. We could use one pack for more than two weeks.

The pellets are reusable. Put the waste in a designated big pot, boil it with some bleach, and dry it out for three months. The litter can come back to serve the cat then.


The combination of pellets, a litter container, and padding is expensive. Some owners say that they do not bother cleaning and draining the wasted litter, and they would prefer ready-to-use ones.

  • A full package of containers and litter
  • Very low tracking and dust
  • Solid clumps
  • Less odor
  • Reusable formula
  • Expensive
  • Small package

World’s Best Cat Litter – Best Flushable Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter

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World’s Best comprises sustainable corn-based ingredients with two big benefits: greener and more convenient cleaning than conventional litter.

Effective clumping action more than other corn-based ones

We always appreciate this package as the perfect for ease of cleaning, thanks to its effective clumping action. While other corn-based ones do not clump the urine tightly, this product does an acceptable job.

The reason is that the manufacturer combines several natural ingredients into one. Such a unique concoction allows for tightening of the clumps and prevents them from falling apart.​​

The clumps are also small to save more litter whenever you scoop them out.

Friendly for cats and the planet

The key is that all components are environmentally friendly with no harsh clay. As a result, the litter is flushable and completely safe for sewer and septic systems.

Light scent

Clumping is known to lock the waste smells effectively for a long period. Moreover, there is a natural and lightweight scent to freshen the air all the time.

Tracking a little bit

There is tracking but to an acceptable degree. The grains are big enough not to stick on the fur or be picked up by naughty paws. You are saved from tracking all over the house.

Dust can be found as a light powder on the paws. It will not be airborne that makes you and your cat sneeze, though.

Long-lasting four months

Some owners can use this 35-pound bag for six months if they have only one cat. But our package does not last that long – only four months. Still, this is far more than we expected.


So far, so helpful. However, the big container is not convenient to travel and pour.

  • Environmentally-friendly ingredients
  • Flushable for ease of cleaning
  • Super-absorbent compressed texture
  • Effective clumping action
  • Big package
  • Moldy when contacting with Aspergillus Flavus

FAQs & Tips

1. How many types of cat litter? Clumping or non-clumping cat litter

Since the introduction of conventional clay cat litter, manufacturers keep developing new materials and formulas to deal with cat owners’ problems, such as clumping, odor-controlling, dust, tracking, etc. Here is the overview of common types for your reference.

Clay cat litter

Clay Cat Litter

Clay is the most popular material for cat litter considering its affordability, availability in nature, and quick liquid absorption.

This litter type can come as clumping or non-clumping. The former version is suitable for owners who don’t mind scooping liters frequently. Otherwise, non-clumping clay allows the waste to be in the container for a week or more.

  • Affordable
  • Available widely
  • Two options: clumping or non-clumping
  • High swelling ability
  • Compatible with artificial scents
  • Not environmentally-friendly
  • Dust and tracking


Silica cat litter

Silica is a less dusty alternative to clay, made from quartz sand. This type is often non-clumping litter that traps waste and moisture, requiring owners to scoop the litter much less frequently.

Silica crystal litter is generally great for your furry companions. While they do spread airborne dust particles, the amount is insubstantial, which is one of their main pros. It can prevent your cats from developing asthma and be more forgiving to those already with asthma. Most importantly, there is no link between silica dust and respiratory issues in felines.

  • Less dusty
  • Less tracking
  • Very absorptive to liquid
  • Often unscented
  • Expensive
  • Choking dangers


Paper cat litter

Paper litter granules can be made from recycled paper or shredded newspaper. They are soft for a small cat.

Paper recycled cat litter is basically made of post-consumer recycled paper. As early as 1947 when Ed Lowe invented the kitty litter, manufacturers have also begun reinventing the product to produce an eco-friendly version in the form of paper litter.

The most common material used in paper cat litter are pieces of post-consumer newspaper. They’re re-pulped, de-inked, and screened so that the resulting litter would no longer retain harmful chemicals.

  • Soft texture
  • Cheap
  • Little to no dust
  • Bad at controlling odor
  • Not clumping well


Grass cat litter

Grass-seed liters are biodegradable and natural low-dust. Their textures are even soft and comfortable under tender paws – a recommended choice for kittens.

To be exact, this kind of litter is dried grass seeds of varieties like sorghum, not the grass itself. Grass litters are a good option to deal with respiratory problems, thanks to the low dust level.

  • Naturally attractive to the cat
  • Low-dust ingredients
  • Environmentally-biodegradable
  • Safe for kittens
  • Expensive
  • Not long-lasting


Tofu cat litter

The biggest advantage of tofu litter is its safe digestion when your cat accidentally swallows some bits.

A niche choice for cat owners, these litters use bean curd residue as their main material, with vegetable adhesives like corn starch in the mixture.

  • Safe for cat digestion system
  • Soft-touch texture
  • Cheap material
  • Mold growth
  • Not clumping well

Wood/ Pine

Pine cat litter

Mostly made from pine trees, these litters are known as one of the best natural smell-fighters. This material is also lightweight and has low dust.

Clumping and non-clumping pine products are both available. The former looks like sawdust as it’s the ground-up form of pine, while non-clumping versions usually have the pelleted form.

  • Quick controlling odors
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Available in clumping and non-clumping options
  • Not attractive to all cats
  • Harder to clean


Walnut cat litter

The ground-up walnut shells are proven to have a higher absorbency than clay. It is also highly favored amongst environmentally conscious owners.

These litters are sandy grains processed from the fibrous shells of walnuts.

  • Environmentally-biodegradable
  • Low tracking
  • Effective odor-controlling
  • Last longer
  • Visible bright colors on the surface
  • Not clumping well


Coconut cat litter

Coconut fibers are hypoallergenic, making the litter ideal for cats or owners with allergies. Coconut fibers produce the sandiest texture among eco-friendly materials. They are made from coir, the fiber of the coconut husk.

You may already see this fibrous material in common products like mattresses, brushes, floor mats, and substrate for planting

  • Hypoallergenic nature
  • Strong liquid absorbency
  • Low dust
  • Low tracking
  • Expensive
  • The odd scent when mixed with waste


Corn cat litter

Corn is another biodegradable option to make cat cleaning products. It is often mixed with some other natural ingredients to improve the capability of clumps.

Manufacturers of these models often use compressed corn kernels to make them.

  • Decent scent
  • Quick liquid and odor absorption
  • Affordable price
  • Low dust
  • Low tracking
  • Possible mold growth
  • Low level of clumping


Wheat cat litter

Packages made of processed wheat are well-clumping and flushable. Wheat cat litter often has no chemical scents. Manufacturers can repurpose wheat not suitable for food uses to make an eco-friendly litter.

They are soft on the feet and don’t track much. The starch and enzymes inside their kernels are what help these litters clump and neutralize odors.

  • Flushable formula
  • Quick absorption
  • Almost no artificial scents
  • Dustier than other products
  • Noticeable tracking

2. What is the best cat litter for indoor cats?

Indoor cats spend lots of time with their litter boxes. Thus, you must ensure that the litter is always clean.

That’s why we suggest the World’s Best Scented Clumping. It is good at clumping and controlling odor to create a fresh and comfortable place for your cat.

3. What cat litter types do vets recommend? What is the healthiest cat litter?

After compiling many studies on cat litter preferences of many animal behavioral experts, Dr. Jacqueline Neilson recommends owners opt for unscented, clumping litter.

A healthy cat litter should deal with waste quickly to prevent bacteria from growing, and it should not have any chemical scents. Cats are susceptible to solid smells since they have 67 million scent receptors.

If the product has a light, natural fragrance, it may strike a balance between your cat’s benefits and yours.

You can take a look at Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Kitten Attract Kitten Training Litter or Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Litter – they come with no chemical smells.

4. What is the best odor control cat litter?

It is the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter. The litter has 10% more odors eliminators in the formula than others.

5. When should you change cat litter?

It depends on the number of cats, the clumping or not clumping nature of the litters, and the ability to control odors. For example, clay products require being changed twice a week. If you clean the box almost daily, the clean litter lasts longer (roughly three weeks).

6. Is it Ok to switch cat litter?

Yes, if your cats are uncomfortable with the current litter or fail to trap liquids and odors effectively. When doing so, give your cats three or five days to get used to the new brand by mixing a small amount of the new litter with the current ones.


Always try to use the good cat litter for your lovely cat to perfectly accommodate them and their physical and mental health. The most well-worth litter is not the most expensive, but the one that is:

World's Best Cat Litter

  • Safe for your cats
  • Excellent in controlling odors
  • Not scented overwhelmingly
  • Low dust and low tracking
  • Environmentally-friendly

Almost all litters in our review article meet the above criteria, especially the World’s Best Scented Cat Clumping – the winner of the roundup. We find this litter gives an excellent clumping action, odor elimination, almost no tracking, and is flushable for easy disposal.

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