Litter Genie vs. Litter Genie Plus

Below is our comparison of Litter Genie vs Litter Genie Plus, which are two decent cat litter disposal systems. The main difference between Litter Genie and Litter Genie Plus is the price. The Litter Genie Plus is slightly more expensive, but it comes with 30% more refill bags, allowing you to save a lot of time on reordering. In addition, the Litter Genie Plus has a more convenient hand-release odor-sealing mechanism. Although the two models are similar, the Litter Genie Plus is the more popular choice for many people.

If you have a large household, a Litter Genie Plus may be your best option. The Litter Genie Plus comes with seven layers of litter-trapping material that will prevent clumps and odors. However, refill bags will cost you money and require recurring maintenance.

The Litter Genie Plus has an added antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria and stops their growth. This helps keep the litter box odor-free for a long time. The Plus is also easier to carry on garbage days.

Litter Genie vs.Litter Genie Plus

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Litter Genie Comparison Chart

ImageLitter GenieLitter Genie PlusLitter Genie XL
Litter GenieLitter Genie PlusLitter Genie XL
Size9.5″W x 8.5″L x 17″ (same size)9.5″W x 8.5″L x 17″ (same size) 9.5″W x 8.5″L x 22.5″ (taller)
Refill cartridgeYesStronger 30% than Litter GenieSeven-layer refill cartridge
Pail Capacity14 Days14 Days21 Days
Scoop IncludedYesYesYes

1. Litter Genie

Litter Genie

With Litter Genie, dealing with your cat litter has now become as easy as A B C. The product is ideal for locking germs and bacteria from the waste away, thus repelling unpleasant smells.

To achieve that, the manufacturers put a seven-layer cartridge in the base pail, and it can last up to two months for every cat and employs odor barrier technology.

What is more, the pail can hold the cat litter for a space of 14 days (for a cat) so you can save a lot of time previously used to carry out trash trips.

Made up of multiple litter boxes, Little Genie is an ideal choice for small places and your homes. For the sake of quick and trouble-free cleanup, the pail should be placed within easy reach of the box.

Coming at $15 per product, Litter Genie is absolutely a necessity rather than a luxury for any cat owner. On top of that, you need not fret over its quality, which is approved by Jackson Galaxy-a cat behaviorist with 20 years of expertise.

Of course, Litter Genie is not flawless, much of which results from its rather pricey cartridges. However, it is still a decent cat litter disposal system considering its benefits.

  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Put your cat litter in control
  • Expensive cartridges

2. Litter Genie Plus

Litter Genie Plus

The Little Genie is already good, but when you want some more decent features, Little Genie Plus comes in. Interestingly, the company still charges you the same, which is only $15 per product.

First and foremost, this model is available in different option colors when compared to the original one: navy, espresso, and black.

Similar to Litter Genie, the question of how to dispose of cat litter has become easier than ever before. Besides, the Litter Genie Plus refill is 30% more long-lasting than that of the original version, while still offering standard quality.

What is more, the product gives you absolute control over unwanted odor thanks to the addition of built-in antimicrobial protection.
Flaunting such amazing features, the Litter Genie Plus can be expensive when including the cost of the bags. However, it is a foregone conclusion that the model is among one of the best waste systems for cats currently available.

  • Include all the features of Litter Genie
  • Affordable
  • Provide more choices of colors
  • Stronger refill cartridge
  • Costly refill bags


On finishing reading our comprehensive Litter Genie reviews, you may, like everyone else, reach the conclusion that the Litter Genie Plus stands customers in better stead than the other model. With this product, dealing with your pet waste is no longer a daunting task, considering its perfect features.

About the Litter Genie brand

The Litter Genie brand was founded in 2012 and has made significant changes to litter odor control ever since. The design is by no means complex but surprisingly offers a one-size-fits-all solution that ensures a matchless experience.

Throughout many years of operation, the brand has made lives easier for cat keepers. With this product, disposing of your pet litter is no longer a difficult and time-consuming task. You can shop for Litter Genie in a variety of shops, both online and offline.

Litter Genie hacks


We have mentioned above that both models are easy to refill, and now we will show you Litter Genie hacks that facilitate your cleanup. To carry them out, you will need 1 Litter Genie, 1 refill, ordinary plastic grocery bags, and either a rubber band or reusable bag clip.

Step 1: Apply the clip to the Litter Genie bag

The instruction indicates that you should knot the bag at the side of the unused part, but we suggest attaching its bottom with a clip. For the sake of a secure seal, you should twist the bag twice.

Step 2: Put a plastic grocery bag into the Litter Genie pail

Next, line the pail of the system with one or more normal plastic bags. The number of bags you use is directly proportional to the convenience of disposal.

Also, it does not matter whether the bags overlap the pail edges when you close the Litter Genie lid.

Step 3: Put the Litter Genie bag end in the shopping bags

First up, place the bag of the product inside the grocery bag. When the bag is full, you just need to remove the clip, dump the litter into the grocery bag, and dispose of it.

Change a new clip and put the litter bag end inside the grocery bag. Next, close up Litter Genie and repeat this process. Seeing funky blue bags means they should be cut off, and a new section should be used.

If you stick to our advice, your Litter Genie can last for approximately one year, thus reducing the amount of money you spend on the product.

3. Litter Genie XL

Litter Genie XL

Here comes the Litter Genie XL review, which is often sought after as an alternative to the aforementioned products.

Actually, the structure and usage of Litter Genie vs Litter Genie XL or Litter Genie Plus vs XL are almost the same. The only difference is that the XL model is taller and wider than both the original and Plus versions. For this reason, it is ideal for homes with multiple cats.

Integrated into the XL pail is a noticeable seven-layer refill cartridge that lasts up to 8 weeks with one cat. The XL pail holds up to 21 days of cat litter (for one cat) which is 50% more than that standard or Litter Genie Plus.

This system has the same features as the Litter Genie, this is quite intuitive right from the first time of use.

What is more, its ability to lock away odor and the simplified cleaning process puts both the cats and their owners at ease.

However, it is available in silver only and comes at $20.05, which is higher than the above models.

  • Easy to use
  • Prevent disgusting smells from escaping
  • Simplified cleanup work
  • More pricey than other versions
  • Only one choice of color is available


Is the Litter Genie Plus worth it?

Yes, the Litter Genie Plus definitely worth it. Available at only $15 per product, Litter Genie Plus is fitted up with more highlights, namely more aesthetic looks, and stronger refills. It offers an optimum solution to your problems, helping you scoop the cat litter easily and keep your house odor-free. For this reason, we can assure you that Litter Genie Plus is good value for money and if you do not like it, you are certainly going against the trend.

Can a Diaper Genie be used for kitty litter?

Yes, Diaper Genie can be used for kitty litter. Being a baby diaper disposal system, it can also handle cat-related tasks as well. You can use them to get rid of poop from a kitty litter box or doggy poop bags. Similar to the Litter Genie, the Diaper Genie is ideal for preventing smells from escaping. The product is so high quality that when you search “Diaper Genie review”, you will see dozens of compliments on it. For this reason, it is entirely feasible to use a Diaper Genie in place of a Litter Genie for your kitty.

How do you use Litter Genie Plus?


Here are some Litter Genie Plus instructions, which are very easy to follow:

  1. On the top half is a cartridge that has one bag open at both ends. After identifying that, you push it past a spring-loaded slider and then into the base to put the system into operation.
  2. Next, use the scoop to sift through your pet’s litter and dump the clumps into the top of the pail. When you pull out the handle, your scoop will fall to the bottom of the bag. That the handle retracts and makes a seal in the bag, which serves as a shield to protect your house from the unwanted smell.
  3. Last of all, you need to fill up the bag in the pail. Bear in mind that the top half of the Genie must be folded so as to reveal the full bag at the bottom. The pail is fitted up with a safety razor in the middle, making it easy to cut the bag at the top. At this point, you can tie the bag and get rid of it in no time.

Below is the summary of how to use the Litter Genie Plus:

  1. Scoop your pet waste
  2. Open the lid and dump what you scooped before
  3. Close the lid and pull the handle so that unpleasant smells can be locked away.


How long does a Litter Genie refill last?

As a rule, a Litter Genie refill last 8 weeks for each cat. How long it lasts surely depends upon the number of cats you have. You can expect each bag cartridge to last up to two months for one cat, and one month for two cats.

What’s different between Litter Genie Plus refill vs standard refill?

The difference between Litter Genie Plus refill vs. standard refill is larger and taller than the standard refill, which belongs to the original version. The Plus model also comes with more refills, which are both larger and taller than the other units.


Above is our definitive review of Litter Genie vs Litter Genie Plus, and hopefully, it provides you with information as to the pros and cons of these systems, hacks, etc. If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment below so that we can help figure them out.

In case the product does not work properly, you should:

  • Not fix it yourself
  • Bring it to the retailer you bought it to have it repaired

If you are looking for other product reviews like our Litter Genie vs Litter Genie Plus, visit us for more!

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