Best Top-Entry Litter Boxes

The best top-entry litter box is one with a wide enough opening for most cats to use easily. Although larger cats may have a harder time getting in and out, smaller cats should have no trouble. Unlike litter boxes with low walls, top entry litter boxes feature high walls and lids to keep out odors. High walls also provide privacy for your cat. The lid also acts as a tracking mat and catches stray litter when your cat is exiting the tray. This feature is useful for cats with mobility issues.

If you don’t have time, I will reveal the best product on our list is the Modkat litter box. But if you are not in a hurry, scroll down for more options of the best top-entry litter box.

Some top entry litter boxes feature textured tops to prevent litter from being strewn all over the floor. This feature is useful for cats with mobility issues.

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box – Best for Design

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If you want to have a tidy and attractive solution for cat litter boxes, you will fall in love with the stylish design of this IRIS top entry cat litter box. I really appreciate this product as it is not only a safe place for cat litter but also a decorative item in my house.

Spacious box for big cats

With the entire dimension of 20.47” length x 16.14” width x 14.56” height, this IRIS cat litter box is ideal for big cats up to 13 lbs. It also features a large top opening for accessible entrance and exits of cats of all sizes.

While big cats mean more litter needed, the inside dimension of 20” length x 16” width x 14” height has a great capacity of up to 30 lbs of litter. It is also more convenient for you, as you can change the litter less frequently.

Stylish and cat-friendly design

In terms of design, I really appreciate the simple but elegant design with two different colors of high walls and a lid. You can have four choices of color orange/brown, white/beige, black/grey, or dark gray/gray to match your interior style.

The large box inside allows your cat to move around without making a mess. A deeper litter is ideal for digger cat to find a suitable spot while a round enclosure keeps the floor away from litter.

This IRIS litter box is constructed of non-BPA plastic that does not harm your cats’ health. A built-in grooved lid acts as a mat to prevent litter from sticking to your cat’s paws and scattering around the floor.


If you own kittens or old cats, you should not go for this IRIS litter box. High walls might make it hard for them to enter the box. Moreover, they are more likely to experience stress when being trapped in a closed space.

Especially for small cats who are learning to use the litter box, it might be confusing for them to smell and find the right place to urinate.

Meanwhile, the rounded shape of the box might cause hassles when scooping out the waste with the included square scoop, especially when dealing with corners.

  • A large top opening for easy entrance and exits
  • Included litter scoop
  • A grooved lid to minimize litter tracking
  • Not suitable for kittens and old cats
  • Round corners make it hard to scoop out wastes

Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan – Best for Environmental Friendliness

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From a renowned manufacturer with over 50 years in the cat equipment field, this Petmate top-entry litter box will tick all your checkboxes of the best litter box for large cats.

Spacious design

With the dimension of 20.3” x 15.1” x 15.2”, this enclosed litter box can keep the litter away from view. It features high walls for cat privacy and to prevent cat litter spillover.

Meanwhile, the wide entry allows large cats to enter and exit the box with ease. This feature also makes a significant contribution to deterring dogs from digging in the litter box,

The grated top acts as a built-in mat to collect litter from cats’ paws when exiting the box. It also has holes for litter to fall back in the pan below.

Easy to clean

I really appreciate this top-entry litter box as it is made from pre-consumer recycled plastic. It is such an excellent move to encourage people to protect our environment. Meanwhile, the recycled material lowers the price of this product and makes it one of the most affordable options on the list.

Moreover, a non-stick coating prevents sticking and makes the box wipe-clean easily. The wide pan is capable of more litter compared to other litter boxes. Hence, if you pour more litter in, it is less likely for clumps to stick at the bottom of the pan. Moreover, you can save time by changing the litter less frequently.

It also features rounded grip edges that allow you to lift the box and pour out the litter with ease. The integrated hinge makes this litter box compatible with Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan Liners for easier cleaning.


However, round edges might make scooping waste more difficult. The square scoop cannot reach round corners to remove all clumps. Thus, you might need to spend more effort cleaning the box.

The hinge might be a little annoying as you need to place it exactly in one position. Thus, you can not rotate the box to make full use of the litter inside. You can solve it by mixing up the litter every time you scoop waste.

  • A grated top collects litter from cat’s paws
  • High walls to prevent litter scatter
  • Made from durable, pre-consumer recycled plastic
  • The hinge might be annoying since you cannot rotate the box
  • Round corners make cleaning inconvenient

Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box – Best for Durability

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Many people might think that a high-quality top-entry litter box might be a great cost. No, top-entry litter boxes are for every budget. If you only want to spend around $20 for a litter box, I have a perfect choice for you.

Shape & Size

With the dimension of 20” x 15” x 15”, this Clevercat litter box can accommodate both kittens, small, and medium-sized cats. The entrance diameter of 9 inches also aids in preventing dogs from accessing the unit while providing enough room for cats to jump in.

Thanks to the sturdiness of high-quality plastic, this litter box can withstand strong impacts, and last for at least a year. Combining with a great capacity, it can hold a massive amount of litter for maximum convenience and absorption. Thus, you don’t need to give it a thorough cleaning for at least a week.

Tall walls offer excellent privacy for cats, especially those who love digging and kicking litter. Moreover, the seamless sides also avoid leaking urine and keep your floor away from spilling litter.

This Clevercat litter box features a built-in mat attached to the lid to avoid cats returning to your floor with litter sticking to their paws. It also has holes for litter to get back into the pan.

Odor control

The clever lid design with several holes can prevent odors from accumulating inside the box day after day. It accelerates ventilation for a clean and smell-free littering space.

Moreover, the great capacity of litter allows your cat to dig and bury his wastes deep inside the box. Thus, when combining with odor control litter, you will have a fresh and clean litter area.

The smooth plastic surface with non-stick properties also prevents residual clumps from accumulating and causing stinky smells.


However, if you own a big cat, this CleverCat litter box might not be the right option for you. It might find this box a little small and uncomfortable to move around and do its business.

This litter box only can go well with a CleverCat liner. If you have purchased another type of liner, it might not fit well inside the box. Instead, you can try a trash bag and then cut off a little at the top.

  • Great odor control
  • Ideal for traveling in most types of vehicles
  • Top with a cleaning mat to avoid tracking
  • Not suitable for large cats
  • Liners don’t fit well inside the box

PetsPro Foldable Cat Litter Box with Lid

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Next on our list today is a highly durable dog-proof litter box, PetsPro Foldable Cat Litter Box with Lid. Made of high-quality PS and PP materials applied to ensure the safety of pets, this litter box can withstand several years of use.

Large enough for medium cats

This foldable litter box measures 20 x 16.1 x 15 inches that are larger than a lot of litter boxes available on the market. One-way unique design with front entry, and top exit. Even my large cat can easily enter and exit.

It provides your cat with enough space to sit and squat inside the box. It also features a large opening that fits cats of all sizes.

High walls

Moreover, high walls help prevent litter scatters and urine leakage during use. They also keep curious dogs away from the cat litter and provide cats with privacy to do their business away from prying eyes.

Design for traveling

Space-saving and portability are the biggest advantages of this product. You can use it whenever and wherever your cats need it.

Prevent tracking

The large-area built-in grooved lid acts as a mat, your cat can shake off the cat litter during their jumping out. Thus, it will minimize tracking and keep your floor as least litter as possible. You can also save time sweeping the litter scattering around the box

The pull-out drawer design can be easy to scoop and add cat litter, and easy for cleaning the cat litter with minimal mess.

Prevent odor

The swinging door also allows air to ventilate and avoid bacteria and odors built up inside the box. Thus, it will lower the risk of health issues for your cats.

Non-stick surface

While a convenient pull-out drawer allows you to clean the inside box with ease, the non-stick material saves you a lot of time and effort in scrubbing the stain on the surface.

They are equipped with the matching cat litter scoop and 2-1 cleaning brush.


The only problem with this product is the round corner, and the indent bumping out at the back of the pan. It causes hassles to remove the waste with a square scoop.

  • Easy to clean with a pull-out drawer
  • Grooved lid to prevent tracking
  • Spacious interior for large cats up to 15 lbs
  • Large sweet space
  • Reinforced bottom design
  • Easy to add cat litter
  • Round corners and the indent at the back of the pan make scooping out the waste difficult

Modkat Litter Box, Top-Entry, Includes Scoop and Reusable Liner

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Unlike other rounded options on this list, the last option is a square litter box that can eliminate all the fear of not cleaning the box properly. It also offers you a lot of advantages as well as a stylish design as litter box furniture.

Unique design

I was really in love with the modern design of this cat litter box right from the first time I saw it. It is a full-featured litter box that comes in the form of a home decor that can fit any room in your house.

The big dimensions of 20” x 15” x 16.8” provide your cat with a spacious space to do its business. It features a seamless base to prevent urine leakage with high walls to avoid litter spillover. Moreover, with a patented cover to clean your cats’ paws, this Modkat litter box can keep your floor off from cat litter.

Easy to clean

I really appreciate that the swivel cover addresses the problem of removing the entire lid to clean the litter. You can simply swivel the lid and get your job done effortlessly.

Moreover, it also comes with a liner that is carefully designed to fit tightly inside the box. A reusable liner can reduce the use of plastic bags, which are really harmful to our environment. It is also rip-resistant and can last up to 3 months of use.

Besides, a scoop is included when purchasing this litter box. Hence, you will get all the things needed for your cat to come in one purchase. You can also find a built-in hook on the side of the litter box where you can hang the scoop for more convenience.


Many people might be concerned about the price of this full-function litter box. However, you will get what you paid for with it. Not only a litter box, but you will also get a liner, a scoop, and several included features.

The thing that I don’t like about it is the risk of odor absorption in plastic. However, if you scoop the waste daily and place the box at a well-ventilated place, it might not be a problem.

For cats, it might be quite uncomfortable to pee and poop in a certain position with their head out of the box. But if your cat is highly adaptable, he/she can get used to it quickly.

  • A sleek and modern design
  • Use reusable liner for easier cleaning
  • The convenient built-in storage of the scoop
  • Easy to clean
  • A cat might experience discomfort when urinating in a certain position
  • Plastic can absorb odors
  • A little bit expensive


So, I have walked you through a list of the 5 best top-entry litter boxes for cats. I know that you might have some things to ask. So, I have listed some common questions with my detailed answers for each of them. I hope that they can help you have some knowledge about top-end litter boxes.

What are the benefits of top-entry litter boxes?

benefits of top-entry litter boxes

The first and foremost advantage of top-entry litter boxes is that they can keep the cat’s waste away from your sight. Some stylish models can also act as home decor.

According to the research on cat litter habits, many cats prefer a private place to do their business. Moreover, curious dogs might want to access the cat’s litter boxes. And cat might experience discomfort and disengagement with the box, which might lead to refusal to use the litter box.

Hence, a top-entry litter box offers cat privacy and also keeps the box away from deterring other pets or young children.

Moreover, top-entry litter boxes will have a greater capacity to hold more litter. And they are also superior in odor control to other types of litter boxes.

How to choose the best top-entry litter box?

The first factor in considering the best top-entry litter box is the size. You should find a big-enough box for your cats to sit and squat inside the box. The standard size of a litter box is 1.5 times longer than the length of your cat(tail excluded). And remember to go for the biggest possible as your cat will continue to grow.

Secondly, you should pay attention to the material, odor control, and ease of cleaning. A durable litter box might be constructed of thick and robust plastic. And the high-quality plastic is less likely to absorb odors and easier to clean, as well. I recommend you to go for some options from the renowned manufacturers in the field as they always offer the best products.

Finally, you might consider the design and the price of the box. If you want a decorative litter box, you will have to pay more for an attractive option. Or you can save a considerable amount by purchasing a simple-design box.

How do I train my cat to use the top litter box?

How do I train my cat to use the top litter box

For cats who have the habit of using an open litter box, you will need to spend more effort in training them to use the top-entry box.

However, I have some useful tips to help you.

#1: Use the new litter box but with the old litter from the previous box

As your cat is familiar with the smell of the old litter, it will assign that smell to the place where it should relieve itself. If you replace both the box and litter at a time, your cat will find it difficult to adapt to the new box, especially those who have never used a closed box before.
Some people also use the old litter with the remaining waste for the new box to encourage their cats to use the top-entry litter box.

#2: Mix the old litter with a small amount of new one for the box

If the old litter needs to be changed, you can keep a bit of it and mix it with fresh litter to remark on the smell for your cats. They will know where to do business based on the familiar smell.

Another option is to sprinkle a small amount of old litter and sprinkle it on top of the new litter inside the new top-entry box. However, make sure the amount is enough for your cat to smell even when the closed box can hold the smell.

#3: Place the new litter box in the same spot as the old one

Even though this rule sounds very easy, many people still forget about its importance. Your cat will link the old spot as “where I should go for that thing”. Thus, putting the new top-entry litter box in the exact place of the old one will encourage your cat to use the new box.

If you want to rearrange your home and move the litter box to another spot, just wait for a few days of normal litter usage before making a move.

#4: Keep cats away from the old litter box

Cats are such a clever species that they will find all the ways to their old litter box and, of course, refuse to use the new one. So, all you have to do is hide the old litter box somewhere that your cat cannot reach.

It might sound easy, but you will need to use your brain in this. Cats are good at climbing and they are clever enough to find out where the old box is. So, it is better if you find a secret place for the old litter box.

Can kittens use a top-entry litter box?

ModKat XL

The answer to this question strongly depends on the ability of your kitten. It is great if he/she can easily hop in and exit the top-entry litter box.

But if they are too small for that, maybe you should save the top-entry litter box until they grow up. Instead, you can buy them an open litter box; or an enclosed litter box with a front opening might also be an excellent choice.

It is preferable for kittens to use an opening litter box.

Does one cat need two litter boxes?

Yes, if your cat is newly adopted. Stray cats might not get used to using the litter box. So, having more than one litter box can prevent them from using the home interior as a place to relieve themselves.

When your cat learns how to use the litter box, you can remove one litter box and train him/her to use the other one.

Final Words

Among the list of the best top-entry litter boxes, I strongly recommend the Modkat litter box for all sizes of cats. This litter box is an outstanding product with several features:

  • Roomy space with a large entrance for all cat sizes
  • 2 lid options (front and top) that suitable for kittens and old cats
  • Including reusable liner and a scoop
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Great odor controls

That is our top recommendation for the best top-entry litter box. If you have any other ideas or any experience with this litter box, leave comments below and tell us your story.

Thank you for reading!

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