4 Best Non-Tracking Cat Litters

Do you wish to prevent your kitties from tracking their mess around the house? If so, you would need the best non-tracking cat litter. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best non-tracking cat litter. First, look for a smooth texture and large granules. These characteristics will prevent your cat from tracking the litter. A second consideration is absorbency and odor control. The best non-tracking cat litter should absorb odors quickly and not leave behind dust.

Lastly, a non-tracking litter should not contain any artificial scents or ingredients. It is safe to use on your cat, even if he or she has allergies or respiratory problems. Some brands use activated carbon to control odors, which is beneficial if you want to keep your home fresh. You can also find litters that do not require frequent replacement.

Another feature that makes the best non-tracking cat litter unique is the natural, non-tracking pellets. These pellets are made of 100 percent recycled paper. They are biodegradable, non-toxic, and flushable. They also contain baking soda, which neutralizes odors. This prevents your cat from freaking out over a bad smell.

Another factor to consider when choosing the best non-tracking cat litter is the price. Some litters are very expensive, but there are some options that are affordable. If your budget is tight, consider buying larger quantities or a subscription service.

If you’re still figuring out which one to buy, we’d like to help you with our comparative review and show you which one we think will keep your cat’s paws and floor the cleanest!

How We Tested

We purchased the best non-tracking cat litter on the market today. We spent a few weeks testing out different types of litter to see which one our cats preferred, and it turns out they were all big fans! This product was not received in exchange for an honest review – we bought them with our own money so that’s how sure are about its quality (and also helped by being able to test drive this brand).

What’s the Best Non Tracking Cat Litter?

  1. Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System Refills
  2. Fresh News Recycled Paper, Original Pellet Multiple Cats
  3. Fresh Step Clean Paws Clumping Cat Litter
  4. Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter

Based on our experience, we’ve listed four types of trackless cat litter that you might want to consider using for your furry friends. Each one has pros and cons, so the best one for your cat might really depend on your cat’s preference and yours. Anyhow, we’ll also reveal our pick by the end of this review, so be sure to check out every choice first!

Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System Refills – Best Cat Litter Non-Tracking


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Like us humans, cats also have preferences when it comes to cat litter. Definitely, our furry felines don’t like having litter sticking into their paws! One great news is that the Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter prevents just that. Here’s why.

The BREEZE Litter is actually a track-free cat litter composed of zeolite, silica gel, and a moisture-repellent polymer coating. The anti-moisture feature alone could already make your cat comfortable with this litter!

Aside from that, the BREEZE litter is made for both single-cat and multiple-cat households—so if you have five or ten or even more of them, that’s taken care of!

BREEZE also allows for easy litter box management. Moreover, it features an anti-tracking formula that dehydrates cat waste, keeping those sensitive paws clean and healthy.

Well, there’s actually more: this pack of litter refills has been specifically designed to work with the BREEZE Litter System. It’s basically a litter box with a grated tray design. It keeps the pellets and the solid waste on top while allowing the liquid to pass through to the absorbent pad below. We love this feature a lot because it makes it easier for cat owners to clean up their cat’s solid waste!

Meanwhile, it’s up to you to buy the litter refills, the litter system, and the disposable cat pads as a bundle, as they are sold separately by default.

99.99% dust-free with an anti-tracking formula

No cat owner likes cleaning up extra dust from litter pellets, right? Well, the good news is that the BREEZE cat litter pellets are 99.99% dust-free, with no clay or silica dust. This means you don’t need to worry about cleaning up dust spills! Plus, your cats would be safe from allergic reactions they might otherwise get from dust exposure.

With an anti-tracking formula, the BREEZE Litter System Refills have pellets that keep cat messes from getting scattered all over your home. The pellets dehydrate your kitty’s solid waste, which is why they can guarantee the lowest tracking. We like this feature the most because it can keep any moist debris from sticking to your cat’s paws!

Odor Control

As we’ve already mentioned, the BREEZE pellets allow liquid waste to pass through to the absorbent cat pad just below. At the same time, they work to dehydrate the solid waste that stays on top. We really appreciate this feature because it makes scooping quick and easy. More importantly, it works to optimize odor control.

Lasts up to one month

For one cat, a 3.5-lb pouch of the BREEZE cat litter lasts up to one month. It’s actually great because you can stock up on more packs for the coming months when you choose to purchase in bulk.

Easy to scoop

So, how do you go about using the BREEZE Litter System? Well, it’s quite easy to use. Plus, the litter refills are also easy to scoop! To get started, you only need to fill the top portion of the litter box with one 3.5-lb pack of pellets.

Now, be sure to scoop out solid waste daily and dispose of them properly. After you’ve cleaned it up, you can add more pellets as needed. Once a month, you’ll need to replace the entire litter box content, as recommended by Purina

Furthermore, you should remember to wash your hands after handling used cat litter. Also, do not flush the cat litter into the toilet or dispose of them carelessly outdoors. They’re designed for indoor use, so avoid using them in the garden


While the BREEZE Litter System Refills could possibly be the best cat litter that doesn’t track, it also has a few drawbacks. Firstly, it’s non-biodegradable; hence, you cannot compost it. For the same reason, you also can’t flush it into the toilet.

Overall, though, you can be confident that the Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System Refills are track-free, dust-free, and has an efficient mechanism for odor control.

  • Has a polymer coating that gets rid of moisture
  • Great for both single-cat and multi-cat homes
  • Has an anti-tracking formula
  • Works with the BREEZE litter system
  • 99.99% dust-free
  • Non-biodegradable
  • Not flushable

Fresh News Recycled Paper, Original Pellet Multiple Cats – Best Paper Cat Litter


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Does using eco-friendly cat litter important to you? If so, then we think that the Fresh News Post Consumer Paper Pellet Cat Litter is such a good choice for you! Here’s why.

Aside from being low-tracking, the Fresh News Paper Cat Litter is actually made from 100% recycled paper. Thus, it’s completely non-allergenic and non-toxic, which is quite good for your cat’s health! Because of its composition, this Paper Pellet Cat Litter is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and can be flushed into the toilet.

Moreover, if keeping the pellets fresh also matters to you, the Fresh News Cat Litter pellets are provided in a resealable bag, which serves that very purpose.

Guaranteed 99.99% dust-free

Guaranteed 99.99% dust-free, this paper cat litter won’t leave dust residue. This is great because it keeps you from doing follow-up cleanups around the house. Your cats would have nothing to worry about getting allergic reactions to dust, too!

Moreover, the Fresh News cat litter has soft natural pellets that retain their form. We think this feature is quite beneficial because it means that the pellets don’t get squishy that easily. Thus, they can prevent tracking around your home.

Odor Control

So, how does this cat litter prevent your cats from freaking out because of the unpleasant poop smell? Well, the Fresh News Post-Consumer Paper Cat Litter makes use of baking soda to help neutralize litter tray odors.

Now, if you want to further prevent odor absorption, you can use a litter box made of a non-absorbent material such as plastic. Plus, we suggest preparing a separate litter tray for each cat you have.


Based on user experience, the pack of pellets could last long enough for one cat. You may need to change the whole cat pan every 7-10 days, but it should just be a fine and cost-effective frequency.

Easy to clean

For maintenance, you can schedule a weekly cleanup for this cat litter. And, since it’s eco-friendly, you may dump everything into the garbage bag, including the pee pad, with no extra worries. Then, you’ll have to clean up the litter box using warm water and mild soap. Once done, you can line it up with a fresh pad, and then maintain 2 to 3 inches of Fresh News Paper Cat Litter for pawing.

Meanwhile, you should take note that Fresh News recommends scooping solid cat waste daily. You may also use your intuition to clean up soiled areas as much as you see fit. Then, again, just be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling soiled litter.


The Fresh News Paper Cat Litter is actually great since it’s made of biodegradable materials, right? One drawback, though, is that it’s non-clumping. Although it can be healthier for the cats—since they would be less prone to ingestion—this also means it can be hard for you to scoop out the soiled portions. In addition, your cat may find it difficult to cover up his solid waste, which could eventually get smeared into otherwise clean pellets.

Furthermore, it’s still not recommended to flush this cat litter into the toilet, although it is “flushable,” material-wise. Better yet, just dispose of the litter properly in the trash.

But, then again, if using eco-friendly cat litter is important to you, then this healthy, non-toxic, and low-tracking cat litter could be your best choice!

  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Non-allergenic and non-toxic
  • Flushable
  • 99.99% dust-free
  • Soft and comfortable pellets
  • With baking for odor control
  • Non-clumping

Fresh Step Clean Paws Clumping Cat Litter – Best Clay Cat Litter

Fresh Step Clean Paws Clumping Cat Litter

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If you happen to have a cat that prefers the type of litter with larger particles, then the Fresh Step Clean Paws Clumping Cat Litter could be his perfect match. It’s made of high-quality clumping clay—so you wouldn’t have a hard time scooping your kitty’s mess!

In fact, the Fresh Step litter works great for multi-cat homes for the following reasons.

Low dust formula

Tired of cleaning up the mess of more than one cat? The makers of the Fresh Step litter have used a low dust formula to ensure you’ll have clearer air as well as cleaner surfaces. It means your cats can be healthier—even if there’s a bunch of them in the house. Because it’s dust-free, It could help save you time from cleaning up, as well!

Moreover, the Fresh Step Clean Paws is a low-tracking litter, so you’re keeping both your kitty’s paws and your floors clean when you choose this product. It’s also composed of larger particles, and the shape of these particles is one that your cats can easily love. One thing that makes it efficient and sets it apart is its clumping mechanism, it’s called the ClumpLock technology.

So what does it do? Well, the Fresh Step litter absorbs the cats’ liquid waste and then forms tight clumps. As a result, you won’t see stinky crumbles. We like this feature the most because it means one great thing: no matter how many cats you have, each feline’s own’s mess could immediately be isolated from the others!

10-day odor control

We all hate smelly litter, and so do your cats. The good news is that the Fresh Step Clean Paws formula includes a 10-day odor control guarantee. The secret ingredient? It’s activated charcoal! So, it traps the kitty’s litter odor the natural way.

Indeed, the more cats you have, the more you’ll wish for an efficient odor control guarantee. That’s what the Fresh Step Clean Paws litter promises to provide!

Last for one month

If you have one cat, an 18-lb pack can last for one month. So, this track-free cat litter could give you just the right value for money.

Easy to clean

Because of its ClumpLock technology, the Fresh Step Clean Paws litter makes it easy for you to scoop the tight clumps of cat waste. Moreover, the litter pellets stay inside the box, so you wouldn’t have to spend too much effort cleaning up!

In addition, you can “avoid complete litter box changes for as long as 2 months.” That, of course, depends on how many cats you have around the house. Anyhow, just take note of adding more Fresh Step cat litter right after scooping.


You might like the Fresh Step Clean Paws Clumping Cat Litter, but it still has some drawbacks. Take note that it’s not biodegradable, so you can’t compost it. It also has an added fragrance, which might or might not be suitable for your cat—depending on his preference.

In spite of this, you may still want to consider the rest of the above positive attributes of this dust-free and trackless cat litter. Remember that the Fresh Step Clean Paws Cat Litter doesn’t stick to paws and is easy to scoop because of the tight clumps it forms.

  • Low-dust formula
  • Low tracking
  • 10-day odor control guarantee
  • Non-biodegradable
  • Not flushable

Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter – Best Pine Cat Litter


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Do you prefer using natural products? If so, we think you’ll love the Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter. From the name itself, it’s made of reclaimed wood—mainly pine—plus a mixture of fir and spruce. The resulting combo is a naturally absorbent, naturally odor-controlling, and naturally lightweight low-tracking cat litter.

Needless to say, the Simply Pine litter pellets are also biodegradable and sustainable. So, it’s good for the environment, it’s non-toxic, and it’s healthy for your cats!

Dust & Tracking

Worried about litter dust? You will have no problems dealing with dust when you use the Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter. It’s a clumping litter, by the way, so it immediately reacts with moisture. In the same way, the pine pellets also prevent tracking.

As soon as your cat urinates, the pellets encapsulate the urine, trapping the liquid inside. The clump forms, and you could keep those sensitive paws track-free. The cat stays dry and clean. Meanwhile, you can easily remove the clump without unnecessarily scraping the bottom of the litter box.

Odor Control

So, how does the Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter control odor? Its secret is quick absorption. And, that’s because of the fact the tree fibers (composing this natural litter) have a natural capillary system within them—and these absorb the moisture, holding it within the fiber wall.

Now, this same internal structure within the pellets would work to repress the odors. Plus, the quick absorption mechanism keeps the urine from collecting into the tray’s bottom, so it keeps all those unpleasant odors from staying in the litter box.

Last for about one month

If you have only one cat, a 20-lb pack of Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter can last for about one month. We would say that’s cost-effective enough.

Easy to clean

Cleaning up is easy when you use the Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter. In fact, the pine pellets act like sponges that absorb urine, and then they turn into sawdust. What you only need to do is to scoop the solid waste each day. Then, shake the box gently to allow the sawdust to drop into the bottom of the tray.

After doing so, you’ll notice that the pellets will have “floated” on top of the tray. Now, don’t get rid of the sawdust at the bottom—they will continue absorbing moisture and controlling odor at the same time.

So, when should you change the litter box completely? Only do so when the box is mostly sawdust. Just dispose of all the content, clean up the box, and refill it with fresh litter up to 3 inches.


You might wonder about the PROP 65 warning label on the package of the Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter. It simply pertains to “wood dust,” which is one of the 900+ substances listed as harmful when you’re overexposed to it. Take note, though, that putting the warning label is required (only) by the state of California and that the company is only complying with the conditions required for all wood-based cat litters.

That said, the Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter remains to be healthy, non-toxic, and beneficial for your cats, especially if they prefer a natural wooden smell. Plus, it’s clumping and therefore easy to scoop. Furthermore, the pine pellets are flushable, though only in small amounts.

  • Naturally absorbent
  • Biodegradable and sustainable
  • Non-toxic
  • Pine pellets trap both the urine and the odor
  • Quick-absorbing
  • With PROP 65 warning

FAQ & Tips:

What to consider when buying non-tracking cat litter?

Both you and your cat like at least one thing in common—being clean. In fact, science testifies to how cats prefer a clean litter box over a dirty one. In a 2017 study on cat behavior, experts discovered that when you regularly clean up their litter boxes, it would be easier for you to prevent their out-of-the-box elimination. Plus, cats would more likely use the litter box properly. Apparently, as much as you would want to maintain the cleanliness of your house and your cat’s paws, the kitties themselves want the same. They don’t like a smelly box, and they hate stinky paws with sticky waste debris!

Thus, choosing the right type of litter for your cat’s litter box can be crucial for your cat’s behavior when they have to poop. The litter shouldn’t stick to their paws and follow them around the house! In other words, it should be low-tracking or even track-free. That said, you will have to look for the best non-tracking cat litter.

Now, before we explore the cat litters you may want to choose from, it’s important to understand the characteristics of the best non-tracking (or at least the best low-tracking) cat litter. Here’s a short list:

  • Doesn’t stick to cat paws
  • Maintains cleanliness
  • Least messy
  • Least dusty
  • Has efficient odor-control
  • Long-lasting

Let’s discuss each factor.

Doesn’t stick to cat paws

Could you imagine having tissue paper stuck in your feet after leaving the toilet? Imagine your cat being in the same dilemma. Now that’s the very reason why you’d like to have an efficient non-tracking cat litter for your furry pets.

One time, our cat got his paws soiled with waste after using a slow-drying cat litter. He might have been able to clean up on his own; but, before he did, he had already scattered sticky waste all over the floor!

Maintains cleanliness

In the same way that cats don’t like litter getting stuck in their paws, you don’t want them roaming around the house with it, too. The scenario could also be disastrous for you since you would have to clean up his tracks in your living room! The best trackless cat litter, however, helps you maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Least messy

If it’s moisture absorbent, it’s the least messy. Moisture-absorbent cat litters also produce harder clumps, which means they don’t stick into your cat’s claws that easily. Such a type of cat litter makes scooping the clumps a much easier job, as well.

Least dusty

Choose the type of cat litter that produces the lowest dust debris when you shake and pour it into the litter box. Dusty litter can cause allergic reactions. The more clouds of dust it produces, the more you may have to clean up your house again and again.

Odor control

Even kitties don’t like a smelly litter box! So, you need to choose a cat litter that quickly absorbs odors. Remember, too, that cats have a more powerful sense of smell than you do. While some chemical ingredients cover certain odors from your senses, your kitties might still be able to smell them. Thus, when looking for the best non-tracking cat litters, consider those that can absorb odors more naturally.


You’d like to have a cat litter package that can last for months for the many cats you have around the house. Well, even if you only had one cat, you still want to ensure you won’t run out of litter pellets. So, be sure to pick the type that’s efficient, not wasteful, and doesn’t require you to refill the box unnecessarily.

Various Types of Cat Litter

Cat litter varies in terms of materials used and whether they are clumping or non-clumping. When choosing the best non-tracking cat litters, you may need to consider all of these factors, as well as how your cats would likely adapt to each type of litter.

To know more about these types of cat litter, here’s an informative video created by Dr. Karen Becker, a veterinarian. Here, the vet discusses various studies on cats, cat litter, and litter boxes. Try to watch it before proceeding to our selection of the best non-tracking cat litters!

We all share such a love for cats that we want to help fix those cat elimination problems you encounter daily. Here are some FAQs and tips we’ve prepared for you.

Dealing with cat waste can be much more complicated than most people think. In fact, cats can have as many as 39 different elimination behaviors.

If you want to prevent urinary tract infections in cats, you need to provide them with a suitable litter box. Of course, it also means you need to pair that up with the best no-tracking cat litter for the sake of your feline’s overall health.

Covered or uncovered, the type of litter box might not matter so much. One study in 2013 revealed that there is no significant difference between covered and uncovered litter boxes when it comes to changing a cat’s elimination behavior. Scientists have found that cats would use the litter box more appropriately if it is kept clean enough.

3. How do you keep the cat litter from tracking?

Aside from using the best no-tracking cat litter, you might also need to implement additional strategies, such as getting the biggest litter box you can find. Meanwhile, you can also place the main litter box inside a bigger litter box to further prevent spillage on the floor.

4. Why is clumping important for cat litter?

Both clumping and non-clumping litters have pros and cons. Clumping is most convenient if you want easy-to-scoop litter. Meanwhile, non-clumping cat litter is usually good at removing odors by means of absorbing urine; they’re also usually less expensive. Your choice could be totally up to your cat’s preference.

5. Can you compost the used cat litter?

Even if it’s biodegradable and eco-friendly, cat litter soiled with waste is not recommended for composting. There are some guidelines that allow it, though. But, just so you would take note of it, avoid composting used cat litter pellets—especially in vegetable gardens. Overall, continue studying your cat’s litter box behavior until you find the best solution for his case. Meanwhile, we’re just about ready to close and reveal our pick for the best no-tracking cat litter.


While any of the four cat litters above is a very good candidate for being the best no-tracking cat litter, our choice is the Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System Refills. Here are our reasons:


  • It allows for quick litter box management through the easy-to-use BREEZE Litter System. That’s hassle-free!
  • The pellets can dehydrate your cat’s waste quickly.
  • This litter doesn’t stick to cat paws! As a result, they can protect those sensitive paws and prevent tracking around more efficiently.
  • Compared to other products, the BREEZE pellets are easy to scoop, making cleaning up easier, and thus optimizing odor control.
  • It’s dust-free and the least messy, making it easier for you to maintain your cat’s health as well as the cleanliness of your home.
  • Indeed, the Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System Refills can help you solve problems in disposing of your cat’s waste and preventing your feline from messing around!

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