8 Best Non-Clumping Cat Litter For Multiple Cats

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Best Non-Clumping Cat Litter

Choosing the best non-clumping cat litter for your cat can be tough simply because there are so many brands available. The best cat litter that the litter box is filled with will not just be non-toxic/ strong absorption, but will also be incredibly odor-controlling and easy to clean up. If you need some recommendations for the best non-clumping litter, read our reviews below to find out the world’s best non-clumping litter for your felines. Besides deciding on what type of litter to buy, you also need to make up your mind when it comes to choosing between clumping and non-clumping litter. It might be tough to know just the difference between clumping and non-clumping litter due to the endless cat marketing you see. As we all know, cats are creatures of habit so the choice between non-clumping and clumping litter is a personal decision that will depend on what you want in a cat litter and what your cat prefers. While everyone is different, some parents want to buy the best non-tracking cat litter, some want the best cat litter for multiple cats, and you may just prefer a product that is soft on your cat’s paws.

Hopefully, our in-depth reviews will help you clear some confusion so you can opt for the best non-clumping cat litter for your cat.

Detailed Reviews of Top 8 Non-Clumping Cat Litters

Reading these lines, you must also be seeking the best non-clumping cat litter for your pets that conforms to this standard and the dust or urine-capture titans. This search shows, in part, your precious attitude toward protecting our environment. If so, we also will contribute a part of our ability to bring you outstanding options for your needs. Let’s follow us to find out how well it is.

1. Purina Tidy Cat Litter Non-Clumping Pellets – Best Cat Litter Overall

Purina Tidy Cats Litter Pellets

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Based on the three above vital aspects and according to your original purpose, we are confident to recommend to you the Purina Tidy Pellets, which are more outstanding than most other counterparts.

Why has the odor control function from this cat litter solicited customers?

The type of cat litter can work quite well with most conventional waste boxes. This helps you scoop and clean your BREEZE litter easily and quickly.

In addition, the pellets are engineered to push dehydration from solid waste, which aids in preventing ammonia smells for many days. This factor will let your pet’s litter boxes be tidy and clean. To prolong the odor control feature better of these avant-garde litter pellets, checking pet litter should pop up on your daily to-do list. This makes your space smell clean and crisp; houseguests will not feel lousy as they visit your house.

Purina producers have researched and developed their cat litters based on the living habits of various pet households. Thereby you can be more assured to order this choice for your lovely cat.

In our view, the dust & track belongs to one of the most innovative features that need to be kitted out for any pet pellets. This line of products from Purina Tidy Cats did fairly well in this task. These pellets get 99.9% of the spotless state, so there is no need for anxiety about having some mess after they are poured into your pet litter box.

The BREEZE edge-cutting pellet formula allows moisture to pass through, separating solids from liquids. These solid waste will stay on the top, where this non-clumping litter has given the best account of themselves throughout, making scooping easy and controlling odor.

This function also plays a key role in dehydrating solid waste to ward off tracking.

To better understand this cat litter’s advantages, let’s try a quick comparison through many cat lovers’ experiences.

They shared that they saved a lot of money when they did the following way. Instead of using an entire 7 pounds bag with two cats, changing the bag after a few weeks, and buying a new one, they use the cat litter and clean the cat pellets to keep them longer and cleaner. After one month, they would replace these pellets with new ones.


These types of pellets do not contain poison. Yet, they belong to the digestible group. If you suppose your pet might chew or swallow them, we suggest closely following them to be sure that your pet’s digestive tract will not have trouble with a large volume of litter.

  • Outstanding odor control
  • Get 99.9% of the spotless state
  • Great moisture absorption
  • Save money
  • Non-clumping
  • Need to follow your pet closely to avoid eating the cat litter a lot

2. Arm & Hammer Feline Pine Platinum Non-Clumping Cat Litter

Arm & Hammer Feline Pine

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If you are struggling to find a cat litter with excellent absorbency, this might be a wise stop for your search.

This product is toxic-free; it is made from baking soda and natural pine. The first ingredient with a highly alkaline and unique composition is commonly used for deodorizing and cleaning. So these materials take a crucial role in keeping the pet’s litter box dry and fresh. The item doesn’t have any added fragrance, apart from a waft of pine smell in the air. When they get humid, these anti-clinging pallets will end in sawdust without a bad smell.

We have got an array of positive reviews from pet forums about this Arm & Hammer Feline Pellets feature.

Most told within four weeks they might train their cat to familiarize themselves and utilize these cat litters; their cat indeed kind of want these pallets. They cleaned it in the evenings and felt easy to clean just by shaking its sifter pan; everything would be kept spotlessly clean, they added.

These non-clumping litter pellets are designed to be quite big, so they will not be stuck in your pet’s fur or their paws. So you don’t need to worry your pet will lick unhealthy pieces under their paws.

With an 18-pound bag for two lovely cats, you can use it for almost four weeks. That is not a short time to use for this type of product.


By the side of the above advantages, when you use this non-clumping litter, one point to keep in mind is that sawdust material might stick some to your pet’s paw and get on the hardwood floor.

  • Greatly-absorbent pine organically
  • Excellent absorption
  • Natural pine odor
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-clumping
  • These large pellets might make some cats feel very uncomfortable under their paws

3. Small Pet Select – Premium Pine Non-Clumping Cat Litter

Small Pet Select

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If you intend to seek the great cat litter which can balance all these key aspects and its quality gets to the best level, you should consider this option.

The product comes to the market with natural pine aroma eliminating odors. These are no idle words! It indeed smells nice. These scents will let you feel you are in a wood mill with a pine scent which hides the smell of urine very well.

This doesn’t mean that your house is filled with the gentle smell of a forest, literally, but also you won’t get any bad smell from your pet.

Thanks to its excellent absorption capacity, you can clean the waste box without too much effort. These pellets absorb liquid matter (your pet’s urine) very well. After absorbing a sufficient amount of liquid, they will crumble into sawdust. You just need to utilize a sifter tray to separate worn pellets from the best ones.

Because these pellets don’t leave too many smells or dust, this is equivalent to less tracking. They will have no opportunity for sticking on your pet’s fur, and your pet will not lick themselves as well. This is the best way to keep them away from some intestinal diseases.

With 24.25 pounds for this option, it can go with your adult cat for 15 days before replacing the box. At its price, this duration of use is an outstanding value saver, in our opinion.


There is only one con of the product that makes many of us feel in two minds.

In particular, its package belongs to recyclable-free materials. We are fully aware of the environment’s gravity if we stick to using these components. This isn’t what we expect to contribute to landfills. We all want to use renewable and sustainable products that can extend life on the Earth.

  • Great moisture absorption
  • Controls odors very well, thanks to pine scents
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-clumping
  • This litter package is made from anti-recyclable materials

4. Fresh News Recycled Paper Cat Litter – Best Litter For Multiple Cats

Fresh News Recycled Paper

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This product has received almost 4,500 global ratings most of them being positive reviews. Dig into us to uncover the reason.

The combination of the baking soda and the paper material in these pellets has created great absorption. This enhances the ability of odor control, which helps lessen the litter sifter pan smell and neutralize habitat. From that, it lets us keep a smell-free and fresh habitat for your pet.

These pellets come to the market with dust-free and soft ones, especially still racy of their shape even when wet. This mechanism will help reduce the chances of these pellets sticking to the kitty’s paws or tracking through your room.

Manufacturers have brought safe ingredients into the item. They ensure that the pet pellets contain 100% hypoallergenic and 99% dust-free. You can keep your mind on using it without worrying if the product irritates the skin anymore.

It is pretty rare to discover tracks that will not come out of the cat litter bedding or mat crumbing on your floor.

An array of cat lovers reviewed that this pick has an ability to absorb better than even clumping clay litter and a wood one. Based on these basic factors, you also can find out that this non-clumping litter product will be worth the expenditure.


There is a minor difference between the actual situation and the advertised information. In fact, it is packed in boxes but introduced to users as a product in bags.

In addition, some owners who have a filter pan prefer small pellets over big ones. The item belongs to the latter group. So these perfect cat litter pellets are not their cups of tea for these customers.

  • Safe ingredient – no chemical or toxic material
  • 100% Recycled paper
  • Anti Allergenic for cat and their owner
  • Non-clumping
  • Don’t have a distinctive smell

5. ökocat Cat Natural Paper – Best Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter

ökocat Natural Paper Cat Litter

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This is an ideal representative of a friendly cat litter for our environment thanks to its safe ingredient and package.

The Ökocat litter pellets are made from natural paper substances that have the ability to absorb and maintain better smell control. Especially, the plant-based material combines with specific formulations from producers, which effectively lock the bad smell of urine.

With prominent absorption, this type of great cat litter keeps your pet’s feet dry quickly, which simplifies the process of cleaning easily. Moreover, when the Okocat pellets get wet, they also will not leave any unpleasant smells on your house, we make sure.

The manufacturer wants to build a perfect one for cats who suffer some breathing and lung problems. They have learned and learned the specific mechanism for using natural material – paper fiber without airborne dust in their pet pellets. And the litter has come out and held much attention.

So this is an ideal option for cats that have just undergone minor surgery and need to meet some post-surgical or home-allergies requirements.

Our tom, who turned 14 years old, has asthma, so seeking a no dust cat litter took a great deal of our time. Since we encountered the Okocat, this option absolutely fits the bill: completely dust-free.

To make our cat not feel like fish out of water, we mixed the Okocat pellets with the pet litter we have utilized for years. Fortunately, all two of our lovely cats enjoy it without any confusion. Among environmentally friendly non-clumping litters, this litter outshone all the other counterparts. It is free of chemical substances, artificial fragrances, dyes, or inks.

In addition, the Okocat is a biodegradable litter that breaks up cleanly and quickly – one more major plus point! If you have just a kitten, considering the choice might be a wise option.


These paper pellets come in quite big pieces, so they will be tough to scoop. After a time they have been used, their smells might change to some burnt paper odor which could be annoying to someone.

  • Toxic-free materials
  • Eco-friendly litter
  • Great for kittens and cats
  • Non-clumping
  • Come to the market with big pieces

6. Naturally Fresh Cat Walnut Non Clumping Cat Litters – Best for the Environment

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter - Walnut

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When it comes to the wide range of weight options, you must on no condition miss this choice. This will help you find the right volume which fits your needs the most.

There is a special formula for forming this kind of cat litter pellets. Manufacturers have made them with a mixture of walnut shells. This improvement supports neutralizing smell better than most wheat or pine pellets.

According to producers’ standards, this structure can promote the ability to control urine-causing odor to 7X better than most normal non-clumping litters.

The formulation with natural ingredients, obviously, doesn’t contain toxic factors and yearly renewable sources, so it is absolutely safe for your kittens, puppies, and rabbits as well.

If you are seeking a great cat litter with an excellent level of best dust-free, this clumping litter won’t let you down! Almost no dust means this is absolutely safe for cats and fits with owners who have respiratory troubles or are sensitive to dust.

This feature will not permit your cat to take bacteria or track litter throughout the floor. Generally, most litters with planet-friendly, less dust are best for cats, and the item is not an exception.

The litter reaches 10 pounds. With this volume, you can manage the hygiene issue for three cats within one month.


There is only one drawback we want you to pay attention to. After a duration of use, walnut dust might accumulate under your cat’s white paw and can go brown.

  • No smell, virtually no dust
  • Works with many different pets
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Control ammonia-causing smell to 7X better than most standard non-clumping litters
  • Your tom’s paw can go brown after a time

7. Skoon All-Natural Cat Litter – Best Clay Cat Litter

Skoon All-Natural Cat Litter

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Based on the three above vital factors, we confidently confirm that this line of products is an overall choice.

This product line created the name of the Skoon Producers in the anti-clumping cat litter market thanks to its outstanding odor control. Diatom is the key material to form the product. This ingredient has an important impact on the level of odor control for the Skoon All-Natural Cat Litter.

In particular, diatom stems from Diatomaceous earth which is a soft sedimentary stone with a porous structure. This construction allows it to absorb bad odors very well. Thanks to that, it has the prominent ability to deodorize unpleasant smells.

When you apply the Skoon All-Natural Cat Litter pellets to your cat’s urine, its absorption will make you pretty surprised. Pee will be absorbed quickly in a few seconds, don’t leave tracks and completely no the smell of urine.

You will save a great deal of time to clean, scoop pee chunks or refill the cat waste box, thanks to the product’s anti- clinging feature.

Moreover, this pick is chemical-free and hypoallergenic, which is safe for the owner’s skin.

With a tracking-free function, the litter will not allow it to clump under the cat’s little paws, which play a key role in warding off any messy habit in your house or unhealthy licking.

Its weight is 8 pounds which is enough to last around one month for an adult tom. Once you find out the Skoon pellets begin to take on a milky color, it’s time to replace some new ones.


Although this product controls ammonia smell very well, it doesn’t work with feces. It is such a pity that every kitty has two types of waste.

  • Good absorption
  • Natural components
  • Easy to clean
  • An economical product for cat
  • Non-clumping
  • Need to have another product to clean the cat’s feces.

8. Kaytee Wood Cat Pellets Litter – Best Affordable Pellet Litter

Kaytee Wood Pellets Litter

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The item is a beautiful stop for this list of the best non-clumping cat litters thanks to its great quality in terms of smell control, long-lasting, and dust & tracking. Kaytee Pellets Litter is made from natural substances – wood shaving, which has no toxic material or chemical smell. Woody aroma will predominate over the ammonia smell.

The Kaytee Wood Animal product covers a little dust; there is no big problem with tracking into your house. In addition, their pieces are pretty bigger than most standard ones, so it’s quite hard to clump into your tom’s paw and throughout your room.

This pick from Kaytee does not only fit for cats, but also they are great for most pets like guinea pigs, rabbits, and even hamsters.

The Kaytee wood pellets are exceptionally absorbent, yet when they decompose into some sawdust it might make some mess in your house. So once you discover this situation, this means that you need to replace a new litter box for your tom.

There are two key options in terms of the weights of this type of product. For some beginners who don’t know whether the Kaytee Pellets are suitable for our cat or not, you should pick the smaller ones (8 pounds). With 40 pound- bag, it can stay with your pet for up to six months. This is indeed an economical pick.


Kaytee pellets have a woody fragrance, yet if you don’t regularly change your cat litter, the level of odor control will lower, and it can’t win with serious urine smells.

  • Less dust
  • Safe for various pets
  • It will not clump to the kitten’s paws
  • Non-clumping
  • It does not control odor very well
  • Go up in sawdust

9. Dr. Elsey’s Respiratory Relief Gel Cat Litter – Best Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter

If you’re looking specifically for a crystal cat litter, we’ve got something here that you might really like. It’s the Precious Cat Long Haired Cat Litter by Dr. Elsey. Made with amorphous (instead of crystalline) silica gel, this litter is actually safe for your beloved felines when inhaled or ingested.

Prevent tracking around the house

We’re also grateful that this cat litter is formulated with a hydrolyzed herbal attractant, thereby making it easier to draw cats into doing their business exactly inside the litter box. Also, this litter really works well for long-haired kitties, as the medium-sized particles do not stick to their precious coat — so kitties regard it with high satisfaction! In fact, the granules are heavy enough in order to prevent tracking around the house!

Low Dust, No added Dyes

Furthermore, many cat owners are seeing their cat kids choosing this litter over any other type! Being low on dust and having no added dyes, there’s no doubt this litter could be such a delight to use. Not to mention that it uses handy bottles or jugs (instead of bags) for convenience to the owner!

Absorbs urine 3x as much

This Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Long-Haired Cat Litter is extremely good in terms of absorbing urine. Each litter granule is of medium size, so it has a larger surface area for maximum exposure to and absorption of the liquid waste. As a result, each particle can absorb an amount of urine that’s 3x as much as the particle’s volume!

Odor control

Another superb characteristic of the Precious Cat Long-Haired Cat Litter is that it acts really fast! In fact, it can trap urine and its stinky odor right on contact. Also, it needs no added fragrance, since its quick-absorbing capability just takes care of the odors efficiently and naturally — something even short-haired kitties could appreciate a lot!


When using this non-clumping litter, you would notice how you’ll scoop out much less litter than you normally would with clay litter. Eventually, you’ll be throwing out less litter each month, so that one jug of this Precious Cat Litter can extend up to 2 months of use for one cat! Quite long-lasting, right?

Easy to clean

Cleaning up this litter is not as tricky as others! Take note that this is a non-clumping litter, so you’ll spot some solid waste as well as soiled litter in the box. Simply scoop these out daily! Meanwhile, you have to stir the granules in the box to take care of any remaining pool of urine at the box’s bottom.

Typically, a litter box with a 3-inch depth of this Precious Cat Long-Haired Cat Litter would go for as long as 2 weeks. By this time, the granules would have already turned yellowish. When it does, you can dispose of the entire litter box contents into the garbage. Then, be sure to clean the box itself first before filling it with a fresh batch of crystal litter (up to 3 inches).


You might expect this litter to not be biodegradable, but it actually is — although it would take a longer time compared to plant-based litters. Still, you shouldn’t flush it down the toilet; instead, dispose of it in the garbage. Also, we don’t recommend this Precious Cat Crystal Litter for felines that are prone to having an allergy to silica gel.

  • Made of amorphous silica gel, which is safer even when inhaled or ingested
  • Contains a herbal attractant to draw cats to the litter box
  • Medium-sized particles don’t stick to those long kitty coats
  • No added dyes
  • Particles absorb urine 3x as much as their volume
  • Traps urine and odor on contact
  • Not flushable
  • Not suitable for cats allergic to silica gel

How to Pick the Right Non-Clumping Cat Litter

How to Pick the Right Non-Clumping Cat Litter

Cats are obviously choosy animals, so they always try to keep themselves in a clean habitat. Thus, most cats always dream about clean and dry litter boxes.

As a true cat owner, keeping a pleasant litter box for your pets is your task. Otherwise, he can catch some troubles with his health.

According to abcnews.go.com, over 300 cats die from a sickness that could be linked to toxic pet food and at least 500 cases of inner problems with the immune system. Therefore, the issue of hygiene for your pet is of even greater importance.

When it comes to this issue, a cat litter belongs to one of the most indispensable instruments to keep a healthy habitat for your pet and your house as well.

Here we will list some key points you need to put into your consideration to pick the right non-clumping litter for your cat.

Odor control


Nobody likes an unpleasant litter box. Thus, seeking a cat litter, you must care about its quality of odor control. Yet, purchasing scented cat litter does not always fare so well because it might contain unfriendly or unhealthy ingredients, which can bring some side effects for your pets.

Pellet size


Most cats favor small pellets over big ones, yet these mini ones leave dust and track throughout the floor more easily. The big granules are commonly better for lovely kittens because it’s harder to be swallowed by your pets.

Dust production


We cannot help mentioning dust as we intend to clean up cat litter; still, you have to pay attention to the track. So you need to care about what are the key materials of an anti-clumping cat litter that you would like to order.

For instance, clay pet litters are prone to make dust a lot more than most other litter.


According to ASPCA (which stands for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), cat owners commonly spend over $1,000 a year, and dogs could cost their owners up to $1,850 annually.

Keep in mind that once you have decided to raise a pet inside your family, you will need to run your budget to bring a good environment to your new friends.

In particular, the frequency of ordering cat litter is quite frequent. Hence, price is a pretty vital factor. You should consider how many weight options a cat litter has. This will aid you in having the right choice fitting your needs and budget as well.

In addition, you should be mindful of some rules of Standard Cat Care (according to https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/cat-care/general-cat-care ) before making a decision to keep a cat and even while performing some care.


FAQs & Tips

For those who don’t know whether you should buy this product for your kittens or not, we will address some common queries associated with anti-clinging cat litter.

1. Why would you use non-clumping cat litters?

There is a wide range of benefits to push you to use an anti-clinging cat litter. This type of item can remove smells related to cat urine well, thanks to their extreme absorption.

In addition, it will not ruin your budget as much as most standard clumping litter. Furthermore, most of the line of products will not be hard for users to clean. Using clinging-free litter allows you to feel easier to clean than other litters, thanks to its less dust. This is a wise solution for owners or pets who have respiratory problems.

Most of these items are made from natural components like paper, clay, or planted shell, so it’s an excellent selection for those who want to contribute to protecting our environment.

2. What is the best non-clumping dust-free cat litter?

Each one has his own reviews and assessment. This depends on their different purposes, demands, and budgets. In our view, based on the above assessment and analysis, we have completely voted Naturally Fresh Cat Litter as the best anti-clumping dust-free cat litter.

3. Can you scoop cat non-clumping litter?

Absolutely, you can not scoop clinging-free cat litter. So in order to wash them, you have to have a new cat litter to replace each cleaning time. A cat litter contains smell-controlling materials, which help lessen the bad smell and prolong how often you need to change the whole of a litter or scoop the box.

4. Is clumping better than non-clumping?

Each product that comes to the market has its own individual strengths and weaknesses. In terms of absorption, clumping-free is superior to its competitor. Clumping litters will trap much more of the smell.

Regarding the cleaning and changing frequency, clumping has the upper hand over the other. Non-clinging options often require owners to replace a new litter around one or two times a week, while the other doesn’t usually need to work like that. By and large, depending on your various needs, situations, or how many toms you care to encounter pick the appropriate one.

Furthermore, if you want to get more tips or knowledge about this topic, you can drop by the video:

The Bottom Lines

Until these final thoughts, we have gone through eight outstanding best non clumping cat litters in the current market. In this bottom section, we are about to conclude which option will be the winner at the above top.

In fact, it is hard to choose because they are the same thing, only different.

In general, most of the products here meet the standard of odor-control, dust & track, and the long-lasting aspect. Yet, in our view, these are the best litter pellets from the Purina Tidy Cats brand. When it comes to the option – Purina Tidy Cat Litter Pellets, you will find out the more outstanding factor than the others easily.

  • 99.9% anti-dust formula
  • Excellent moisture absorption
  • BREEZE edge-cutting pellet formula, which enhances the ability to control odor
  • Save budget in bulk (21 pounds for six-packs)
  • Work quite well with most normal litter boxes

Lastly, we want to say thank you to your company. Don’t skip sharing this handy list with others who have the same curiosity as you. See you soon in the coming useful content.

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