Best Cat Litter Scoop

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Best Cat Litter Scoop

The best cat litter scoop will help experience a more convenient and hygienic cat litter scooping whether you have a new kitten or multiple cats. If you’re not quite sure why we’re picking these products, or if you have questions about litter scoopers that you want answers to, then be sure to read through our litter scoop buying guide below. We’ll be discussing the various types of scoops you could choose from for your cats!

Detailed Reviews of Top 6 Best Cat Litter Scoop in 2022

IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel


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Do you prefer using a cat litter scooper that’s designed by cat owners like yourself? If so, then the IPRIMIO might be the best one for you.

Saves time to cleanup

Made of cast aluminum, this product is highly durable and allows for super fast clean-up — it saves your time.

What we really like about this scoop is that it does not hold odors, so you can maintain a fresh environment around the storage area for your cats. It’s also pretty convenient — thanks to its accompanying plastic hanger. This hanger holds the shovel while not in use. With a 3M sticky tape, you can just position it anywhere you want to.

Multiple colors

If you like to be playful with colors, you can choose the silver variant instead of the black nonstick. It’s already lightweight, but there’s also a plastic ABS version in case you want an even lighter one.

Hard to bend or break

Overall, it has earned the trust of many cat owners. If you’re looking for a product that doesn’t bend, and something with small holes for small pieces — this could be the best for you. It stays clean even after use!

It is physically hard to bend or break — thanks to its super solid handle. In this sense, it’s so much better than plastic.

Since it’s made of cast aluminum, the IPRIMIO litter scoop doesn’t easily get stained. That means cleaning it won’t take so much of your time. It’s even resistant to rust.

With an ergonomic grip handle, this IPRIMIO litter sifter lets you scoop with ease and comfort. I find this feature really helpful, especially since I’m prone to having hand fatigue.

Optimal spacing for sifter forks

Among other factors, the size and the shape of your sifter must be effective for it to take care of small pieces of litter. You might find it helpful to know that this item has the optimal spacing for sifter forks, i.e., 4 mm, and has an ergonomic edge design — leaving no gaps and no more misses every time you scoop! Thanks to its deep shovel, you can dig right into the bottom of the litter pan without so much effort.

Teflon coating saves more time and effort

If maintenance has cost you so much time and effort before, the IPRIMIO non-stick litter scooper can save more of them now for you. Thanks to its Teflon coating — the very same material in AAs non-stick pans — it doesn’t stick to soiled cat litter and waste matter. That makes for a very easy way to clean and maintain this sifter.


Just a slight drawback here: it has a plastic handle with some cast aluminum wedged into it. In that case, the plastic is very hard and feels durable. But it’s still plastic — and you know, it might not be the kind of material you prefer.

DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop


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If you want a completely aluminum sifter from end to end, this could be your preferred sifter.

Trusted by many cat owner

The DuraScoop Jumbo Scoop makes sure that while it’s lightweight, its end-to-end aluminum material allows it to survive multi-cat household tests.

So, it has earned the trust of many cat owners for over 15 years now.

Vintage color options

Meanwhile, it has a retro design with vintage color options. Well, this product seems to be saying that being entirely aluminum doesn’t have to look boring.

Durable, corrosion-resistant, cost-saver

DuraScoop wants to be true to its name, and we think it has accomplished just that. It doesn’t bend even when you have to scoop out a large clump.

Because of its material, it is corrosion-resistant. That means it won’t rust and therefore lasts for years. Its solid metal handle is actually coated with comfortably molded rubber, so it quite feels good in your hands and doesn’t feel like breaking ever.

Comfortable handle

As I’ve just mentioned, this DuraScoop Jumbo sifter has a rubber-coated handle. It’s So, it’s actually an ergonomic grip handle with just the right length, width, and shape for your hands and wrist. Whenever I’d use this scooper, my hand won’t feel tired even if I had to dig deep into the bottom of the litter box.

Optimal spacing, easy clean around the corner of litter box

It also features an optimal spacing of sifter forks. At 5mm, this spacing is great for pine pellets or for wood pellets.

Meanwhile, the design itself is ergonomic. Its edge works quite nicely around the corner of the litter box. Also, with its jumbo size, you can finish scooping in no time.

Easy to maintain

With a mirror finish, the DuraScoop Jumbo scoop is quite easy to maintain. Unlike other scoopers, it’s not coated, plated, or painted — so there’s nothing to rub off and wear out over time. That would be the case even if you had to scrub this aluminum product during clean-up time


As for catching small pieces of soiled litter, it might be a little ineffective. For that matter, you’ll need a scoop with even tinier holes. Also, it doesn’t have a non-stick coating, so some cat litter can stick to its surface.

SNUGENS Cat Litter Scoop


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If you prefer a litter scoop that has an aluminum alloy body and some color options, then this Snugens scooper could be an excellent choice.

Cleaning those deep litter box corners

With a near-perfect average rate, it is a rising star among its competitors. It helps ease the woes of many cat lovers out there — reaching and cleaning those deep litter box corners without too much effort.

Corrosion-resistant and rust, scoop more in less time

This Snugens has an aluminum alloy body that makes it effective against corrosion and rust. Its high waterproof performance allows it to last for several years. It also has a higher loading capacity compared to other sifters, which enables — enabling you to scoop more in less time.

Reinforced rubber handle

Not every sifter is shaped perfectly. Apparently, this Snugens scoop won’t shy away in terms of shape. Because of its hardened ergonomic grip with reinforced rubber, this shovel could sit comfortably on your hand while in use.

Moreover, it has just the right length, width, material, and shape to let you scoop without stressing out your hands.

Optimal spacing

Like the DuraScoop Jumbo, this Snugens sifter also has the optimal sifter-fork spacing of 5mm. It also features a deep shover design but in a bigger size — allowing you to scoop more in one dig. This could cut your litter box cleaning time in half.

Easy to clean after using

With an aluminum alloy material, it keeps poop from sticking to it. So, it’s just easy to clean right after use. No need to waste your time scrubbing this scooper.


Despite its great sifting potential, it is quite heavier on the hands compared to other sifters. It also has larger sifter holes, which might make it difficult to catch smaller clumps of litter.

Amazon Basics Metal Litter Scoop with Retractable and Adjustable Handle


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Are you in for the best cat litter scoops that save your back from aches while sifting? Then the Amazon Basics Metal Litter Scoop could be the product that suits you, — especially if you often suffer from back pain.

Prevent you from inhaling harmful dust

With a lightweight aluminum ski pole technology, this is the kind that keeps you from bending over just to clean your cat’s litter box. So, it prevents you from inhaling harmful cat litter dust.

Because of its long handle, this scooper can provide you with a more hygienic way of disposing of cat litter — you only have to deal with it at an “arm’s length.”

Last up for years

With a stainless steel material, this product is no ordinary scooper. Its material ensures it can last you for years.

It also requires less bending compared to the usual scoopers out there. This means having lesser back strain for you when sifting through your cat’s litter box.

Long-handle, comfortable to use

This long-handle product has over 21.9” of reach. That alone could save you from a lot of backaches. It also features a secure handle that’s comfortable to use.

Moreover, the Basics Metal Litter Scoop also keeps you from coming face to face with your cat’s waste. In other words, disposing of cat litter can now be a more hygienic experience, — you can do it from a distance.

The Basics Metal Litter’s scooping part, i.e., the rugged stainless steel, is 4 inches in diameter, it easily lets the unused cat litter particles stay in the box while sifting the big clumps effectively. This means it’s quite useful for separating large waste matter from the fine granules of litter.

Easy to maintenance

Since the scoop itself is made of stainless steel, maintenance is not a problem with this long-handle scooper. It naturally prevents rust and corrosion, allowing it to last for many years.

HealthPro Dispoz-A-Scoops


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Would you rather use a litter scooper with the bag? And, would you prefer something that’s 99% biodegradable? Well, you might be looking for the HealthPro Dispoz-A-Scoops.


These are the kinds of disposable scooper bags that are environment-friendly. Also, if you’re looking for an item that comes in handy when cleaning up your yard, walking your pet, or traveling, this could be your preferred scoop.


And since the bags are disposable, they’re just cheaper compared to your traditional cat litter scoopers. Each pack appeals to the satisfaction of both your pocket and your outdoor-loving cat.

The HealthPro scooper is both easy and comfortable to use. Simply scoop the waste matter, seal the bag, and toss it in the trash.

Easier to use

They’re also easier to use than traditional scoop bags. It has a self-sealing closure feature so you’ll experience odor-free disposal. Just press it against the ground to seal, and you’re done.

Saves time & Reduces dust exposure

Each bag (6″ L x 4-3/4″ W) is wide and large enough to use for bigger chunks of waste material. So, this might be the scoop you’d prefer for a one-time, quick disposal solution. Definitely, it’s the kind that saves time & reduces dust exposure.


Since this scoop is disposable, it’s not that durable. You need to keep the wire from breaking and getting through the cardboard’s side. So, you might have to tape both sides before use.

Kitty Kan Disposable Litter Scoops


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Another biodegradable scooping solution is the Kitty Kan Disposable Litter Scoop. Made from 100% scrap cardboard, it lets you dispose of waste without adding more to the pile of trash that sits in landfills for years.

Cleanlier and healthier overall

Many cat owners prefer this product, not only because it’s pretty cheap, but because it also saves water and requires no use of harsh chemicals for clean-ups. The cardboard shovels themselves decay along with the fecal matter, so it’s cleanlier and healthier overall. From one litter box cleaning to the next, it doesn’t spread diseases and parasites from cat waste.

Perfect for use while traveling

Moreover, cat owners like it because it’s perfect for use while traveling with their feline buddies.

You can use the Kitty Kan disposable scoopers in just a straightforward manner. Just scoop and dispose of. No washing is needed, — except for your hands.

Easy to use

This scooper has three long holes in it, so it should work either for pellets or for bigger granules. As each cardboard piece comes out of the package flat, you just have to follow the lines and fold them to form the shape of the scooper.


Since it’s made of cardboard, the Kitty Kan disposable products might not handle scooping heavy clumps very well. Also, having only three holes might not be enough for thorough sifting, and may cause the cardboard surface to carry more of the unused cat litter that you’re not supposed to throw away.

How many types of litter scoopers are there?

Generally, we categorize litter scoopers based on their material, shape, and holes. Check out each category to see which type of litter scoop is the best for your needs for cleaning out the cat litter in your house.


There are three basic types of cat litter scoops based on their material. These are metal, plastic, and carton.

Stainless steel


Stainless steel refers to a family of alloy steel that contains 10.5% or more chromium. This chromium content in turn provides an additional protective layer on the steel’s surface, thereby preventing corrosion. Thus, a stainless steel scooper can prevent rusting effectively.

  • Stainless steel is hard enough to scoop the cat litter that sticks. It is also lightweight, so it’s handy and easy to use.
  • Because of this scooper’s corrosion resistance, it is highly durable and easy to maintain. This type is actually more affordable in the long run — it saves you money since it endures for a long time.
  • One problem with a stainless steel one is that it can be heavier to handle compared to other types.

Cast aluminum


Cast aluminum, in essence, means “solid” aluminum. As opposed to “hollow” or extruded aluminum, cast aluminum is formed by pouring the extremely hot metal into a mold or cast frame, and letting it set. Thus, it provides a solid structure, making it suitable for heavy-duty uses. In its purest form, cast aluminum can last 10 to 15 years without damage, which is why it could be a reliable material for litter scoopers.

  • A cast aluminum item is super hard that it can break down the cat litter that sticks. It’s also durable and extremely difficult to bend or break, — thanks to the process in which it’s made. Because of its corrosion resistance and easy maintenance, it can last you for a really long time.
  • Since it doesn’t have hollow pores within its structure, cast aluminum is quite heavy. Moreover, scoopers made of cast aluminum usually belong in the high-cost range.



Plastic litter scoopers are quite common in the market. They also have their share of pros and cons.

  • Any plastic material is lightweight and easy to maintain. That’s also true for cat litter scoopers. They’re fairly cheap, too. And that’s why many owners still use them for their cats.
  • The main problem with plastic materials is that they’re non-biodegradable. Often, they end up in our landfills after bending or breaking, — which happens pretty easily. In other words, they only endure for a very short while.



Among all kinds available in the market, carton ones are probably the least common. And yet, they can also be efficient in scooping out your cat’s fecal matter.

  • Carton is biodegradable. So, it’s quite friendly to both your pocket and the environment. More than that, the carton is just lightweight, so scoopers made of this material are pretty convenient to use.
  • While we love their eco-friendliness, carton is not hard enough. Often, a carton shovel designed with sifter holes is unreasonable. Also, they would easily absorb urine, so they endure only for a very short period.


Cat litter scoopers can also be categorized according to their shape. We recognize the three types as follows.

Litter scoop with an extendable long handle

Litter scoop with an extendable long handle

A standing litter scoop allows you to scoop the cat litter from a standing position. It can also save you from having an aching back while cleaning up the litter box.

Extendable shovels often have telescoping handles with ergonomic design. Some of them even integrate a D-grip, allowing you to maneuver through the cat litter box more efficiently. Often, they feature a wedge shape so they can scoop corners and the bottom of the box with ease.

Litter scoop with bag


If you prefer convenience, you might want to use shovels that come with a bag. These make your clean-up sessions easy to accomplish. Using the bag or bin, you can collect the soiled cat litter as you scoop them. Then, you can transport the collected waste in one batch to the trash, allowing for fast disposal.

This kind includes a little bin that serves as storage for the scooped material. The scoop is also detachable from the bin. So, once you’re done with scooping, you can detach the scoop, tie the waste bag close, and simply throw it away.

Cat litter scoop with stand holder


If you want to conveniently store a litter scoop, choose one that has a stand holder. More than ease of storage, it also provides a hygienic way of storing while you’re not using it.

These litter scoopers come with a caddy that stands on its own. After using and cleaning the litter scoop, you can just store it within the caddy. This stand holder is closed, so it minimizes the spread of airborne germs around your home.


One of the main categories in which cat litter scoops are classified is in terms of holes. In this classification, both the size and the shape of the holes matter.

Size of holes


Litter scoop for small pieces: If the cat litter you’re using is fine-grained, you might encounter small pieces of soiled cat litter that you also need to scoop out. In this case, you need to use a litter scoop that’s suitable for small pieces. It should come with small holes that won’t miss those tiny bits of waste matter.

Litter scoop for large pieces: If you prefer to save more of the unsoiled litter, you could use a litter scoop with large holes. This works well for large pieces of waste matter without scooping out extra granules of unused litter.

Shape of holes


Litter scoop for pine pellets litter: If you’re using pellet litter, you need to find a scoop with holes that allow the pellets to pass through. Typically, such a scoop would feature long, uniform slits.

Litter scoop for pearl litter: Crystal or pearl cat litter are typically round in shape. If you’re using them and want to save more unsoiled ones as you scoop, a litter scoop for pearl cat litter is the best one to use.

What to consider when buying the best cat litter scoop?

Now that you’ve discovered.

  • Cleaning the litter box easier
  • Make sure the shape and the design of the litter scoop enable easy scooping.

Solid Handle

Without a solid handle, the scoop can easily break and cost you money. A strong handle allows you to take a stronger grip in case you have to remove a hard-sticking litter.


Non-stick products make your job so much easier. They prevent the soiled cat litter and waste material from sticking to the scoop’s surface, thereby minimizing the needed effort when cleaning up.

Deep Shovel

A deep shovel allows itself to reach the bottom part of the litter box — in case some fecal matter is buried deep beneath. It also minimizes the chances of bacterial contamination in your hand, especially when you have to dig deep to find the rest of the soiled litter.

Comfortable to use

When you have to use it regularly and religiously, an ergonomic litter scoop is always a delight to use. Find the one that doesn’t make your hand or wrist feel fatigued after use. Make sure the grip is soft enough to keep your hand from bruises. Also, take note of the angle at which the handle extends from the scoop’s head.

Can sifters get the small pieces?

The answer depends on the size and shape of the holes of the sifter. There are sifters with holes that are small enough to make sure you can take away the tiny soiled pieces of litter. Choose them in case you’re using a fine-grained litter.

Is it resistant to the acidity in the urine of cats?

The answer is dependent on the material of which the scoop is made. Even stainless steel might still suffer from corrosion after repeated exposure to cat urine — especially without washing. Just take note that the average pH value of cat urine is from 6.0 to 6.5. Find a product that retains its quality even when exposed to this level of acidity.

Now that you have an overview of what characterizes the best cat litter scoop, it’s time to check out the best brands on the current market.

FAQ & Tips:

How to clean a litter scoop?

The answer depends on the kind of scooper. If it’s disposable, it doesn’t need cleaning with water — only disposal. For scoopers that are used with flushable and biodegradable litter, there’s one easy to clean them up from sticking litter. Here’s how.

  1. Place the scooper into the toilet (or a basin of water if the cat litter is not biodegradable).
  2. Allow the scooper to sit in the water for at least 15 minutes.
  3. Scrub the scooper using the toilet brush.
  4. You may also use a detergent or a toilet cleaning solution to disinfect the scooper while brushing.
  5. Rinse the scooper and let it dry.

Now you may ask the question: can I wash it in the dishwasher?

Absolutely not! We strongly recommend against it! Doing so will raise your risk of suffering from toxoplasmosis.

Can I scoop litter while pregnant?

You can safely scoop and change the cat litter while pregnant. But, it’s still better to avoid the risk of contamination and have someone else do it. Take note that the main concern here is toxoplasmosis — a parasitic infection that could pass from cat poop to you and then to your baby.

How to keep litter from sticking to the box?

You can use a non-stick litter box to avoid sticking in the first place. If the cat litter still somehow sticks, or if you’re using an ordinary box, it’s possible that the litter’s depth is not enough. Some kitties tend to dig deeper into the litter. In that case, your kitty might reach the very bottom of the box and bury the sticky waste matter in there. Be sure you’re maintaining the litter depth at 3 to 4 inches unless the manufacturer has a different recommendation.

Also, maintain the habit of daily scooping in order to keep the soiled cat litter from sticking hard into the box. You can also use a strong clumping litter so they don’t easily break, deform, and let the waste matter spread into the box.

Metal litter scoop vs. Plastic litter scoop

For the sake of simplicity, we’ve summarized the similarities and differences between metal and plastic litter scoopers.

Metal Litter Scoop

Plastic Litter Scoop





Lasts long

Breaks easily


Easy, doesn’t collect stains

May collect stains through time


Medium weight to heavy








Overall, metal litter scoops look like the more preferable option among non-disposable scoopers. While plastic ones appear to be easier on the budget, they are not as sturdy and may break easily, — prompting you to buy again and again and spend more in the long run.



At this point, we already have a choice for the best litter scoop in 2022. It’s the IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel. Here’s why:

  • Made with cast aluminum, it’s highly durable and resists bending and breaking.
  • It’s corrosion-resistant and doesn’t collect rust or stains.
  • It allows for super-fast cleaning because of its non-stick coating.
  • It has the optimal spacing of sifter forks. With small holes, it’s also our choice for being the best scoop for small pieces.
  • This scooper doesn’t hold odors, so your home stays fresh!
  • It’s easy on your hands, too — thanks to its ergonomic grip handle.

So, aren’t you excited to level up your scooping experience and make it more convenient with the best cat litter scoops? Let the IPRIMIO be your partner!

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