Best Cat Litter For Odor Control

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best cat litter for odor control

We’ll show you the top 6 best cat litter for odor control that will significantly support you in maintaining hygiene in your living space. There are a few types of cat litter, and the best odor-controlling one should be able to keep your home smelling fresh all day. Those made from corn or cassava are great because they are easy to scoop and do not contain a lot of dust. Other options are wood litter and paper pellets. Wood litters harness the natural odor-controlling qualities of dehydrated wood fibers. Some cat litters also contain odor-eliminating compounds like baking soda, activated carbon, and charcoal. These substances neutralize acidic odors, so they’re great for controlling odors. And unlike traditional cat litter, these substances are safe for your cat and the environment.

The best cat litter for odor control should be able to absorb urine and provide optimal odor control. Different products also have different levels of cleanliness. Some are dusty and require more frequent cleaning. Others are easily tracked around the house, so it’s important to make sure you keep your cat’s litter box clean and dust-free at all times.

Detailed Reviews of Top 6 Best Odor Control Cat Litter

The best litter for odor control is the one that’s designed specifically for your cat’s litter box. Some materials are difficult to walk on, and others may be more expensive. Also, some types may be harder for kittens, so keep that in mind when choosing your litter. If your cat is very sensitive to odor, you should look for a litter that doesn’t contain silica or other materials that can make them feel uncomfortable.

#1: Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented – Best overall smell control

Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter

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Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter, Unscented is formulated with Activated Carbon. They work well in eliminating smelly odors on contact when mixed with the granules.

Includes antimicrobial agent

The ingredient of this litter includes an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of bacterial odors. That’s why there will be no lingering odors after about 10 minutes of you using it or your pet peeing and pooping.

If you’re worried about scooping time, this will be an ideal choice for a simple and quick process. It comes with an enhanced formulation that makes the litter clump hard when you scoop, which leaves no mess, and the remaining part is still clean after that.

Clumping quickly

Right after the cat pees or pooping, this cat’s litter clumps quickly. You even don’t see the pee reach the bottom of the box if you fill it with the proper depth of litter. As a result, this litter will keep the continuous freshness all day long for both the cat’s box and your room.

Non-scent, perfect for cats with allergenic

When your cat has a sensitive nose, unscented litters make them feel more comfortable when defecating. Although non-scent, its good moisture absorption and clumping ability significantly reduce the stink.

Compared to other items such as Precious Cat, Ever Clean costs the same amount. However, it is more appreciated when it has great odor control without added perfumes.

Cost-saving cat litter

We call it a cost-saving cat litter as you don’t need to change the litter regularly. As mentioned above, it will clump hard and quickly reduce wasting. According to laboratory results, with a 10L size box, you can utilize this one for up to 2 months.

A little bit of dust

Although Ever Clean advertised that this is dust-free, we found it still had dust during use. Nevertheless, the dust is not too much, and you don’t need to worry about this.

One note for you when using it is its high tracking. The usual distance is about 5 to 6 feet from the cat box. You can prepare a little mat to solve this problem.


Compared to other items on this top list, Ever Clean Extra Strength can be heavy and dense. Pay more attention when holding or moving it if you have a weak back.

  • Long-lasting for longer using time
  • Effective odor control with activated carbon and antimicrobial agent
  • Clumps hard and quickly
  • Scent-free for sensitive cat
  • Low dust for clean space
  • Not flushable
  • Tracking a little bit

Fresh Step Advanced with Gain Scent

Fresh Step Advanced Cat Litter with Gain Scent

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We appreciate Fresh Step Advanced Cat Litter with Gain Scent as the best litter in fighting bad odors among its sister products. It is better than Fresh Step Simply – an item from the same company in the same range.

Combined with Ammonia Block Technology

The activated charcoal plays the main role in trapping and eliminating the bad smells in your space. Combined with Ammonia Block Technology, it blocks urine stink to keep the room clean and fresh during your day.

Quick absorbency contributes to reducing bad smells. When you observe it, you will see that it’s extremely absorbent and clump quickly, especially with urine.

Light scent with Gain Original fragrance

This isn’t unscented litter, but it won’t bother your pets when they use the box. Its paw-activated Gain Original fragrance is comfortable, fresh, and clean for kittens and your family.

10-days odor control guaranteed

The manufacturer guarantees that it can work well with up to 10 days of odor control. After use for a long time combined with scooping daily, we found it’s quite long-lasting and effective for many days but not up to 10 days like what they said.

Dusty but minimal tracking

Although it’s labeled “low-dust”, the amount of dust is too much than the Ever Clean above. We don’t recommend it if you or your cats are sensitive to dust.

Sometimes, the litter got out of the kitty box but not too much. It’s one of the minimal-tracking items we’ve tried when there are fewer things stuck in kitten toes.


It isn’t lightweight as we expected. It’s also a bit heavy when scooping, so this one may be at the average weight.

Other options

  • Activated charcoal for effective odor control
  • Quick and hard clumping
  • Absorb urine well
  • Gains scent that leaves a fresh and clean atmosphere
  • Low-tracking for clean space
  • Long-lasting for up to 10 days
  • More dust than advertised
  • At an average weight

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal, Fresh Home Scent

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Cat Litter

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Patented Clump & Seal™ TechnologyTechnology and partnered with the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Micro-sealing granules are an outstanding ingredient that seals and block litter box odors. It comes with a specific Patented Clump & Seal™ TechnologyTechnology to destroy the bad smells right after the cat defecates. These micro-granules form a tight seal around the odor, and then they destroy it with the Fresh Home litter’s specially-formulated stink eliminators. Plus, it has partnered with the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda — which further absorbs all those nasty smells.

Rock-solid clumping

We highly recommend this best odor control for heavy-duty missions with strong smells because the plant-derived particles make it clump quickly and hard. Rock-solid clumps allow micro-particles to form a hard block. They prevent the smells from spreading through your room.

Safety reported

And, despite its strong ingredients for odor control, they’ve reported that the litter has no adverse effects on their cats. You might as well expect such a kind of safety, as this Fresh Home odor-controlling litter contains no animal by-products. Plant-derived particles “clump and seal” both the moisture and odors even before your cat leaves the litter box.

Easy to pour and carrying

Despite that, it isn’t a problem in scooping and clean. It contains wood fiber; it’s 50% lighter than other types for easy pouring and carrying.

Light scent

Many people are concerned about the scented item, but this one will change your mind. Although it’s scented, the proper amount and natural fragrance make your space fresher, and cleaner, but not overwhelming.

7-day control guaranteed

This litter is pretty affordable with a long-lasting feature for those who don’t want to invest too much in the litter. It will save your money and reduce wasting even when you scoop daily and clean the box regularly (up to 7-day control).

No cloud dust

Although its granule-litter is small in size, there was no cloud when we poured it out. This is an advantage that makes you prefer it over Fresh Step Advanced. To have this dust-free effect, the brand applies its new TechnologyTechnology in manufacturing and adds new ingredients.


When our cats got out of the box, their legs were covered with granules. it’s scattered over the floor when it’s pretty messy within a 4 to 5-foot radius.


Due to its tracking, the litter will stick to its paws, which is a challenge to all cat’s parents when scooping and cleaning the box.

  • Light and natural scent
  • Enhance the coverage and odor control effectiveness
  • Create rock-solid clumps for easy to scoop and clean
  • Patent Clump & Seal technology blocks and destroys litter box odors
  • Dust-free for sensitive pets
  • Long-lasting and 50% lighter than regular clumping litter
  • Easy to stick to cat paw
  • Tracking that can create a mess

Cat’s Pride Total Odor Control Premium Clumping Litter

Cat's Pride Total Odor Control Premium Clumping

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What we like most about this litter is the fine texture, which is similar to sand. This creates quick clumps for more convenience in scooping and filling the new one. However, you should pay more attention as it’s easy to break and fall apart.

Blocked odors effectively

Patent Max Power formula traps and lock the odors immediately and work well for ten days. That’s why you won’t feel the strong or bad odors each time your cats use the box.

Lighter 25% than clay

Natural porous creates a light-density clay that is 25% lighter than other items on this list of best cat litters for odor control at the same amount. This feature makes it easy to pour and store. With 15 pounds of litter, you’ll receive the same uses as a traditional 20-pound one.

Natural and light scent

We prefer natural and fresh scents like what Cat’s Pride offers. We were very unhappy with the mix of strong fragrances and the stink of urine or feces. It creates a feeling of warmth and discomfort throughout the room.

If we fill it at about 3-inches deep, the litter can last three weeks or more a bit. We changed the litter every 3 to 4 weeks with daily scooping. During that time, We filled the box up with a new layer to prevent the urine reaches the box’s bottom.

Cloud dust

As it’s fine and made from clay, you may have to face some clouds when pouring it out. With active cats constantly messing around the box, you’ll have to clean the floor up more regularly.

Stick to cats’ paws

There is not much litter stuck on the cat’s leg when they get out of the box, but this isn’t a low-tracking one. Once we deep cleaned and washed the box, too many litter sticks on the kitten’s paws challenged us to remove them and clean the floor.


It would be better if it’s lower tracking and reduces the amount of dust. You should pour slowly and regularly clean to have a better user experience.

Other options:

  • Fine texture
  • Quick clumps with high absorbency
  • 25% lighter than a traditional litter
  • Natural and fresh scent without fragrance
  • Long-lasting for 3 to 4 weeks
  • Reasonable price with handy packaging
  • Much dust when pour
  • Average tracking that will stick to cat’s legs

Scoop Away Multiple Cats Odors, Scented

Scoop Away Multi-Cat

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Scoop Away Super Clump Unscented Cat Litter does an excellent job of odor control. Although it’s a scented product, there is no artificial scent included so you can rest assured about your pet’s health.

Absorb immediately

Its Patented Ammonia Shield will prevent the uncomfortable odor-causing bacteria from spreading and growing. Thanks to this, the liquid waste is also absorbed immediately.

You’ll receive the 5x protection in your box with this Scoop Away. Super-fine granules combined with antimicrobial agents will eliminate all the odors on the contact. There will be no ammonia smell in your room anymore.

Light scent

Proper scent with a light and comfortable fragrance effectively cover the bad and strong scents. It won’t be so intense that it makes you feel dizzy, but it won’t be too weak or overpowered by the stink of feces and urine.

It’s ideal for the sensitive nose when it causes no allergies or respiratory disease. But you can reconsider if your cats aren’t keen on fragrance litter.

7-day long-lasting effectiveness

All litters from Scoop Away are guaranteed with 7-day long-lasting effectiveness. We call it an economical choice when we don’t have to face and dump. When we scoop it daily, we refill the box with 1/2 bag once a week.

Low dust champion

If you’re looking for a low-dust item for your fresher and cleaner space, this one may not be a perfect choice. Ever Clean Extra or Arm & Hammer litter will be more worth considering as a formidable opponent in dust-free features.

Low tracking

This Scoop Away item can be the champion of low-tracking litter. We found it supports us a lot in cleaning when we don’t have to face any messes around the cat’s box.


As it’s a scented cat’s litter, you can reconsider if your cat is sensitive to this. It comes with average dust, a big drawback for sensitive respiratory systems.

  • Inhibits bad-odor-causing bacteria by Patented Ammonia Shield
  • Immediately absorb liquid waste
  • Effective odor control
  • Low-tracking for a clean floor
  • Easy to use, clean, and refill
  • Its smell isn’t suitable for all cats
  • A bit dusty

Fresh Step Litter For Cat with Fragrance of Febreze Odor

Fresh Step Litter with Fragrance of Febreze

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Similar to Fresh Step Extra, this Fresh Step Scented Litter includes activated charcoal that deodorizes your whole space. It’s a 10-day odor control guarantee from the manufacturer.

Clump is so tight and solid

The clumps are tight and solid, which is great for cleaning up. It won’t break up easily, leaving any mess, no stinky crumbles, and speed up your scoop and cleaning process.

Absorb urine effective

Fast absorbency will minimize foul scents from cat urine. Once the cat is defecating, it won’t get slimy or stick to its paws, and this makes it become the best odor control for cleaning up.

Easy storage, long-lasting

The 14lb box is ideal if you have 1 to 2 cats. Small size is easier to use and store as you don’t need to make an effort to bring it from place to place. When you just need to change the litter each 3 to 4 weeks, one box is long-lasting for about two months or more.

Strong scent for stinky litter box

When we used Fresh Step Advanced and Scoop Away and then changed to Fresh Step scented, it’s clear that the scent of this litter is a bit stronger than the two we mentioned. Certainly, it won’t stink bad, but it isn’t ideal if you prefer a fresh-scent or unscented atmosphere.

Low-dust formula

The low-dust formula allows you to keep the clean air and clean the floor all the time, from pouring out to cleaning it up. There are no white clouds or fine dust in the air. It will not stick to clothes, or furniture or affect the respiratory system.

A little bit of tracking

Sometimes, you’ll see the litter drops on the floor or stick to your pet’s paws when they jump out from using the litter box. It’s just a small amount and doesn’t happen regularly, so this isn’t a significant problem.


If this has a lighter scent, we’ll appreciate this litter more. But for those who don’t mind the scent, it’s worth your attention.

  • Specially formulated for the stinkiest litter boxes
  • Fight litter box odors
  • Create tight and solid clumps
  • Easy to scoop and use
  • Affordable price
  • The scent is a bit strong.

What kind of cat litter is the best cat litter controlling odors?

#1: Clumping clay cat litter & non-clumping litter

Clay clumping

Bentonite is the main ingredient of this clumping clay litter that effectively absorbs liquid and creates clumps to prevent bad odors. The drawback of this litter is that it is a bit dusty and non-biodegradable.

It’s a good litter for odor control that works pretty well. However, you’ll need to empty and refill the box regularly for better deodorizing results.

#2: Silica gel

Silica gel

This material is safe for your and your pet’s respiratory system because it’s completely dust-free with outstanding odor control ability. However, you need to be careful not to let the cat swallow it because it can be dangerous to their health.

#3: Recycled paper

Paper cat litter

They’re dust-free and non-absorbent. You can find them in 2 popular forms: granules and pellets. Paper is ideal for odor control, absorption, and biodegradability. Its price is pretty higher than others.

#4: Corn

Corn cat litter

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, corn cat litter can be a great choice. But you need to make sure that your cat won’t consume it as corn can badly affect their digestive system.

#5: Wheat

Wheat cat litter

Wheat creates pretty low dust and is biodegradable. Like corn, it can be swallowed by cats, so this type isn’t highly recommended.

#6: Pine

Pine cat litter

Pine can clump and remove bad odors only when you regularly empty and clean the box.

Based on many criteria such as price, ease of use, availability, and so on, clay clumping is the most ideal for cats. However, the final decision is dependent on your cats and your requirements.


1. What are the best cat litters for odor and dust?

best cat litter for odor and dust


Clumping is a property that may or may not have to depend on the type of material. This feature will affect the cleaning of your cat box.

With the clumping type, cat feces will clump into solid blocks. This way, they will keep the box clean, remove most of the odor, and you can easily dispose of this waste. Although this causes the litter to wear out faster, it is very hygienic and ensures better deodorization.


Urine and cat poop create pungent and unpleasant odors that can permeate your entire room if not properly deodorized. So scented or unscented cat litters are the great choice for removing bad smells?

Many people believe that strong scent litters will work effectively in removing odors. However, both scented and unscented can create the same effectiveness. Therefore, you must consider your cat’s favorite scents and find out the one that suits your kitten most.


You will see some litters labeled low-dust or dust-free. However, not all cat litter are advertised, and some even have more dust than usual.

Dust can be a little annoying, but it shouldn’t affect your cat’s health too much. According to NewScientist, most mammals spend about 12 seconds defecating. It is a relatively short period, and your cat will not be too affected by the litter’s dust.

However, if your cat has respiratory problems, it is advisable to choose the least dust possible to protect their health and prevent too active cats from creating a mess.

2. Can unscented litters cover up litter box smells?

Of course, yes. Many people worry that unscented litter won’t cover the odors well, but the truth is it depends on the litter you choose. Because the litter has high absorbency and good clumping, it will absorb most cat waste and deodorize better.

3. Is the most absorbent cat litter the best?

The most absorbent litter will be the best choice if you are looking for the highest odor control effect. However, it isn’t the best one for all cases and depends on your requirements and preferences.

Absorbent litter can absorb moisture and remove odors quickly but will be a challenge with every cleanup. It will be quite sticky, and cleaning the cat’s cage will take more time than using less hygroscopic litter.

4. How do you keep a litter box from smelling?

Scoop daily

Scoop daily

The most effective way to remove odors is to scoop daily. Using a scooper to clean at least once a day helps cats have more clean space to go to the toilet, and at the same time, avoid stagnant dirt for a long time, which will create bacteria and pathogens.

According to the research of The Human Society of The United States, you should, twice a week is ideal for replacing clay litter, but if you clean the box daily, this frequency can be reduced to every two or three weeks.

Wash thoroughly

Wash thoroughly

Empty your cat’s boxes and wash them thoroughly once per month. You can use normal washing liquid for this task but remember to rinse it thoroughly to remove the soap and residue. Dry the box before filling it with the new litter.



Ventilation helps to fly away bad smells and avoid stagnation in the cat box, especially for closed and covered cat boxes; ventilation needs more attention. It’s advised to place your litter box in a well-ventilated and ventilated place.

Change the box when needed

According to Petfinder, the box size should be at least 1.5 the length of your cat, and improper size will make them uncomfortable when going to the toilet or create a mess that you have to struggle with to clean up.

In addition, cats often have a habit of scratching the box to create scratches; this is where bacteria easily reside and breed pathogens. Changing the litter box once a year is ideal to ensure hygiene and protect your cat’s health.

Add baking soda

Add baking soda

If the bad smell is still not improving, try using more baking soda. You can spread a layer on the bottom of the box before filling it with litter or leave some baking soda on the side of the box. They contribute to absorbing odors without harming the cats.

5. Is clumping cat litter better for smell?

With clumping cat litter support, you can clean the litter and urine from the cage easily without you having to empty the whole box. The waste will clump, forming a solid mass that helps absorb the liquid.

The strong scent is significantly reduced when feces and urine are absorbed and covered by this litter. They are dry and easy to clean, leaving no pungent or strong odors, making them ideal for reducing and improving the cleaning process.


Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Cat Litter

And that’s all about the top odor control cat litter. What do you think about them? Consider carefully to find out the most suitable one for your lovely pets.

Overall, we highly recommend Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Cat Litter, Fresh Home Scent to all cat’s parents. It’s outstanding with many advantages that support you in using and cleaning. Preparing a little mat is an applicable solution for reducing the tracking of this litter.

By the way, don’t forget to take a look at our buying guide and FAQs part before making the final decision!

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