Is Scoop Away Cat Litter Safe for Cat? MUST READ Before Buying!!

Scoop Away is a popular cat litter brand that has been around for over 30 years. Known for its affordable price point and reliable clumping action, Scoop Away offers cat owners a consistent product at a reasonable cost.

In this unbiased Scoop Away cat litter review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Scoop Away brand including the company history, range of products, top formulas, customer reviews, pricing, and more.

To provide an accurate review, our team purchased and tested the top 3 Scoop Away formulas on multiple cats over several weeks. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Scoop Away cat litter and whether or not it’s a good choice for your feline friend.

A Brief History of Scoop Away

The Scoop Away brand traces its origins back to 1987 when A&M Products introduced the first clumping clay cat litter to the US market. After initial production began in the founder’s garage, the company quickly grew by acquiring the Black Hills Bentonite Company which provided a reliable source of clumping clay.

In 1990, the Catsanova’s Scoop Away litter was launched as the first national brand of clumping litter. The Catsanova name was eventually dropped and Scoop Away became known for its innovative features like the addition of Plus Crystals in 2002 and recyclable cardboard cartons in 2009.

After being sold to different parent companies over the years, Scoop Away introduced a new low-dust formula in 2016 which became their Premium Fresh Scent cat litter. Today, Scoop Away offers six different clumping litter formulas made from their proprietary clumping clay.

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Overview of Scoop Away Products

The Scoop Away brand includes six clumping clay litter formulas:

  • Complete Performance – Scented clumping litter with 10-day odor control
  • Super Clump – Unscented clumping litter with 7-day odor control
  • Multi-Cat – Scented clumping litter for multi-cat households
  • Lightweight – Scented clumping litter that’s 40% lighter
  • Unscented – Unscented clumping litter
  • Outdoor/Indoor – Scented clumping litter ideal for any location

All Scoop Away litters feature a low-dust formula with 5X protection against odors and mess. The super-fine clay granules are highly absorbent to quickly form tight clumps around liquid and waste. Antimicrobials help eliminate bacteria and prevent odors.

Though Scoop Away doesn’t offer natural or alternative litters, their range of clumping clay formulas provides an affordable, effective litter ideal for single and multi-cat households.

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Is Scoop Away Cat Litter Safe?

The key to evaluating cat litter safety is examining the ingredients. Here are the main ingredients used in Scoop Away’s clay litter formulas:

  • Sodium bentonite clay: This is the main clumping agent in clay cat litter. It’s a naturally absorbent clay that forms clumps when wet. Sodium bentonite clay is considered safe for cats.
  • Crystal silica: Added to strengthen clumps and reduce tracking. Silica dust can be hazardous to cats if inhaled, so low-dust formulas are ideal.
  • Fragrance/dye: Scoop Away litters are Scented and Unscented cat litter, also dye which may irritate some cats. Fragrance-free formulas are recommended for sensitive cats.

Overall, Scoop Away clay litter is designed to be safe for cats when used as directed. However, there are a few safety precautions to keep in mind:

  • Dust: Clay litters produce dust which cats can inhale. Use low-dust Scoop Away formulas and avoid breathing dust while scooping.
  • Clumping: Make sure cats don’t eat clumps. The clumping agent swells in moisture and could cause an intestinal blockage if ingested.
  • Tracking: Clay particles can get lodged between toe pads. Use mats outside the litter box and check paws periodically.
  • Allergies: Switch to a fragrance-free formula if your cat has sensitivities. Discontinue use if signs of allergic reaction appear.

As long as you choose a low-dust variety and supervise your cat during use, Scoop Away clumping clay litter is considered non-toxic and safe.

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Hands-On Testing of Scoop Away Cat Litter

To provide an accurate review of Scoop Away’s top products, our team purchased and tested the Complete Performance, Super Clump, and Multi-Cat litters.

Over a period of several weeks, we evaluated each litter’s clumping ability, odor control, dust and tracking, scent, ease of scooping, and overall performance. Here’s an overview of our hands-on testing process and results:

Scoop Away Complete Performance

  • Clumping Action: Forms tight, hard clumps that don’t break apart
  • Odor Control: Controls odors well even in multi-cat home
  • Dust/Mess: Low dust formula but tracks more than some litters
  • Scent: Light fragrance some find overpowering
  • Easy to Scoop: Easy to scoop clumps with little wasted litter
  • Overall: Excellent clumping and odor control

Scoop Away Super Clump

  • Clumping Action: Super-tight clumps make scooping easy
  • Odor Control: Great odor control despite being unscented
  • Dust/Mess: Somewhat dusty with increased tracking
  • Scent: No artificial fragrance added
  • Easy to Scoop: Hard clumps reduce wasted litter
  • Overall: Superb clumping with extended odor control

Scoop Away Multi-Cat

  • Clumping Action: Tight clumps but some leakage with large amounts
  • Odor Control: Powerful meadow fresh scent aids odor control
  • Dust/Mess: Fairly dusty formula leads to increased tracking
  • Scent: Very strong meadow fresh fragrance
  • Easy to Scoop: Easy scooping with minimal wasted litter
  • Overall: Tight clumps and scent mask odors in multi-cat homes

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Scoop Away Cat Litter Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about Scoop Away cat litter based on reviews on Chewy and Amazon:

Positive Reviews

  • “I’ve used this for years with great results. It clumps well, is easy to scoop, and really does control odor.”
  • “This litter stands up well with my 4 cats. I love that it has no perfumes added as I’m sensitive to scents.”
  • “Of all the litters I’ve tried, this clumps the best and is affordable. I have 3 cats and 2 litter boxes and no smells.”

Negative Reviews

  • “I wanted to love this litter but I find it very dusty with a lot of tracking. It also had a strong perfume scent.”
  • “The clumps stick to the bottom of the litter box and are like cement. I have to scrape them out.”
  • “This litter soaks up urine at first but if the cats use the same spot, it turns into a muddy mess.”

As these reviews suggest, customers who love Scoop Away are loyal fans but the litter does have some downsides like tracking, dust, and clumps that litter stick to the box. The scent is also polarizing – some enjoy it while others find it overpowering.

Scoop Away Pricing & Value

All Scoop Away formulas are very competitively priced under $0.50 per pound. The clumping action helps reduce wasted litter, adding to the value.

Here are some examples of pricing for Scoop Away cat litter:

  • 20 lb box Complete Performance: $8.48 ($0.42/lb)
  • 25 lb box Super Clump: $11.99 ($0.48/lb)
  • 14 lb box Multi-Cat: $6.99 ($0.50/lb)

Larger packages offer even better pricing. Based on their affordable price and reliable performance, Scoop Away offers a good value overall.

Is Scoop Away Cat Litter A Good Choice?

Overall, we can recommend Scoop Away as an affordable, reliable cat litter brand. While it has some downsides like dust and tracking, the stellar clumping action and odor control make it a good choice for multi-cat households.



  • Some litter dust and tracking
  • Heavily scented formulas may be overpowering
  • Clumps can stick to the litter box
  • Only offers clumping clay litter

As long as you know what to expect with the mess and scent, Scoop Away is a solid cat litter option. Just be prepared for some dust and choose your preferred scent level carefully.

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Where To Buy Scoop Away Cat Litter

You can buy Scoop Away cat litter both online and in-store:


  • Chewy
  • Amazon


  • PetSmart
  • Petco
  • Walmart
  • Target

For the widest selection of formulas and package sizes, we recommend purchasing Scoop Away cat litter from Chewy.

How Does Scoop Away Compare to Other Litters?

Here’s how Scoop Away stacks up against some other popular cat litter brands and types:

Clumping clay litters like Scoop Away are cost effective and very absorbent. Other top brands are Tidy Cats and Dr. Elsey’s. Clay clumping litter is generally safe, but produces more dust than other types.

Natural plant-based litters like World’s Best Cat Litter are much less dusty. However, some cats don’t like the texture. Plant litters usually cost more than clay.

Crystal litters like Fresh Step are very low dust and some have antimicrobial properties. But they tend to be more expensive and some cats dislike the texture. Popular brands are Fresh Step and Pretty Litter.

Alternative litters like pine, wheat, and corn are inexpensive but generate a lot of dust. Some cats also have allergic reactions to these ingredients. Popular options are Swheat Scoop and Feline Pine.

Overall, Scoop Away is a good mid-range option between premium and budget-friendly cat litters. For safety, choose a low-dust Scoop Away variety suited to your cat’s needs.

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FAQs About Scoop Away Cat Litter Safety

  1. Is the dust from Scoop Away dangerous for cats?

Inhaling clay dust is not ideal for cats. However, low-dust Scoop Away formulas greatly minimize this risk when used properly.

  1. Can cats eat Scoop Away litter?

No. Eating clumping litter can cause gastrointestinal obstructions. Keep cats away from clumps and monitor litter box use.

  1. Does Scoop Away contain silica?

Some Scoop Away varieties do contain crystalline silica. Avoid inhaling dust from silica litters and opt for low-dust formulas.

  1. Is scented Scoop Away bad for cats?

Scented litter may irritate some cats. Use unscented formulas or natural litters like wheat or pine for sensitive cats.

  1. Is Scoop Away safe for kittens?

Yes, Scoop Away is safe for kittens over 6 weeks old. Use a low-dust, unscented formula and monitor litter box use. Avoid clumping litters for under 6 weeks.

Conclusion: Scoop Away Can Be Safe For Cats

Scoop Away clay clumping litter can be a safe choice for cats when certain precautions are taken. Choose a low-dust variety, avoid scented formulas if your cat is sensitive, and monitor your cat during use.

For even fewer health risks, consider switching to a natural litter made from materials like wheat, pine, or paper. But overall, when used properly, Scoop Away is a reliable and affordable cat litter brand that avoids many of the safety issues posed by generic clay litters.


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