Can You Use a Diaper Genie For Cat Litter? Is It Worth it?

The Diaper Genie and the Litter Genie are both efficient and cleverly designed waste disposal systems, each crafted with the singular purpose of ensnaring unpleasant odors within their confines. Their primary mission is to alleviate the daily chore of carrying waste to your trash can while ensuring your home remains a fragrant and inviting space.

The two share a similar aim but cater to different audiences: one seeks to provide a solution for the challenge of disposing of soiled baby diapers, while the other aims to offer a respite for cat owners from the daunting task of dealing with used cat litter.

So, let’s embark on a comparison journey, analyzing the nuances that set these two systems apart. We’ll dissect their features, benefits, and potential drawbacks to help you make an informed decision. Ultimately, we aim to answer the question: Is a Diaper Genie the right fit for you to manage your cat litter disposal needs? Let’s dive in and explore.

Can You Use a Diaper Genie For Cat Litter?

 The query under consideration is whether a Diaper Genie could serve as a suitable disposal system for cat litter. When taken into account, it seems indeed plausible. The Diaper Genie, with its seven-layer plastic bag structure and the carbon filter, is superbly adept at containing odors. In fact, its performance may be deemed more effective than a Litter Genie or a Litter Champ, especially considering that it was primarily constructed to hold soiled diapers. Therefore, it bears a considerably larger canister.

As we venture into using a Diaper Genie for cat litter, it is crucial to exercise due diligence about the volume of dirty litter that gets filled into the canister before you swap out the bag. The critical factor here is that diapers are significantly lighter than the customary clumping clay litters. Consequently, an overfilled canister of litter might exert more weight than the plastic bags can sustain.

However, the Diaper Genie provides an easy solution. You can conveniently replace the bag even before the canister is brimming with cat litter, without squandering the plastic bag refills. The ingenious design of the Diaper Genie’s bag system involves a continuous tube of plastic that can be fashioned into a bag by tying knots at both ends. You have the flexibility to cut the liner at the required spots, enabling the creation of a bag that can be either long or short, contingent upon its fill level.

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Comparing Diaper Genie and Litter Genie

When contrasting the Litter Genie with the Diaper Genie, they both utilize a strikingly similar mechanism. This involves depositing waste into a canister that transiently seals the plastic bag containing the waste, effectively encapsulating the odors. The advantage of employing such a disposal system is that it negates the daily chore of carrying dirty cat litter outside to maintain a fresh atmosphere within your home.

The Benefits Of Using A Diaper Genie

Now, let’s shed some light on the benefits of using a Diaper Genie for cat litter disposal. The design of the Diaper Genie accentuates convenience with a hands-free approach. The operation is simple – scoop the litter, step on the foot pedal to open both the lid and the sealing mechanism, deposit the dirty litter into the bag, and finally, lift your foot to shut the lid and create a temporary seal, thus confining the odor within.

Conversely, the Litter Genie demands a more hands-on approach. One hand is engaged in scooping the litter, while the other is responsible for opening the lid. Following this, the lid must be closed, and you have to use one hand to secure the canister and the other to pull back the divider that allows the waste to fall into the bag. Releasing the divider creates a temporary seal.

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Moreover, the more substantial size of the Diaper Genie ensures a longer duration between bag changes. Bear in mind, though, that its bags are designed to carry diapers, which are lighter than the typical clumping clay litter. It is essential to avoid overstuffing the bag, leading to an excess weight that could cause a tear, resulting in a messy situation.

It’s also worth mentioning that Diaper Genie refill cartridges, while cheaper, contain an extended tube of plastic (21 feet), contrasting with the Litter Genie refills, which contain 14 feet of plastic liner.

While the upfront cost of a Diaper Genie unit is higher compared to a Litter Genie, the refills are notably more affordable. It also comes with a larger container, which although may be larger than required, could necessitate premature emptying to prevent the bag from becoming excessively heavy with cat litter.

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The Pros and Cons Of The Litter Genie For Cat Litter

Examining the benefits of the Litter Genie for cat litter, we note its compact size compared to the Diaper Genie, making it a more suitable choice for smaller living spaces. Although more affordable, its refill cartridges come with a heftier price tag. The Litter Genie’s shorter canister might also prove more convenient when scooping litter in a crouched position.

As with any product, the Litter Genie comes with its share of merits and drawbacks. While the concept is undoubtedly impressive, it does fall short in some areas due to certain design challenges. But before we delve into those, let’s take a moment to appreciate its positive aspects.


Enhanced Convenience in Scooping

The Litter Genie is indeed a game-changer when it comes to scooping convenience. Gone are the days when you had to arm yourself with a plastic bag each time you needed to clean the litter box. This clever device eliminates that hassle, making it more likely that you’ll tend to the litter box more frequently. If you’re someone who already scoops once per day, you might find yourself even more proactive, especially each time you observe that the box has been used. This increased frequency of cleaning undoubtedly translates into a happier cat!

Effective Odor and Germ Containment

The Litter Genie’s design shines when it comes to trapping in odors and germs. The waste is efficiently sequestered at the bottom of the bin, thus curbing the escape of any unpleasant smells into your home. This feature sets it distinctly apart from conventional trash cans, where you’re often greeted with an unappealing whiff every time you lift the lid, regardless of the quality of the trash can itself.

Pet and Baby-Proof

The Litter Genie also boasts a thoughtful design that effectively keeps curious babies, toddlers, and pets from accessing the waste stored within. The tab at the bottom needs to be pressed firmly to open the unit, a task that’s unlikely to be managed by small children, infants, or dogs.

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Attractive Design

While this might not be a critical factor, the Litter Genie’s sleek design is certainly a bonus. Compared to makeshift litter pails, this apparatus offers an aesthetically pleasing alternative that doesn’t compromise on function.


Costly Refills

Unfortunately, the Litter Genie’s proprietary bag refills are on the pricey side, costing around $15 for a 2-pack. If you’re able to stretch this investment over several months, the cost becomes justifiable. But, should you need to be mindful of expenses, you can opt to use a standard kitchen trash bag with a drawstring once the refill packs deplete.

Unusual Latch Door

The device’s hands-free design includes a latch door that must be pulled out for the litter to drop through a chute. While this eliminates the need to push down or touch the waste (a common feature with some diaper genies), the process of pulling open the latch can be somewhat awkward initially. However, most users find they get accustomed to this over time.

No Convenient Handling Mechanism

Ideally, the Litter Genie should be situated as close to the litter box as possible for ease of use. If you have multiple litter boxes scattered around your house, including different rooms or levels, you might need to invest in several Litter Genies. This arrangement could significantly inflate your costs, especially if you’re using the specialized bags.

Limited Practicality for Households with Multiple Cats

If you’re sharing your home with three or more cats, the Litter Genie might pose a challenge due to the sheer volume of waste generated daily. Particularly with clumping litters, you might find yourself exhausting the refill bags at an alarming rate, leading to increased costs. However, using non-clumping litter or standard trash bags might mitigate this issue to some extent.

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Diaper Genie to dispose of such pet waste?

Well, let’s delve deeper into this unconventional approach and explore some frequently asked queries.

Are Diaper Genie and Litter Genie refills the same?

Interestingly, there seems to be no noticeable disparity between the refill packs of a Pet Genie and a Litter Genie, suggesting a degree of interchangeability.

Can diaper pail refills be used in a Litter Genie?

This is where things get a bit tricky. The issue arises from the structural differences of the refills: Litter Genie refills are square, while Diaper Genie ones are round. It appears the lack of compatibility is a deliberate move by the manufacturers. Nevertheless, you can still make it work with a clever workaround or “hack”.

Can regular garbage bags be used in a Litter Genie?

Absolutely! The technique involves lining the Litter Genie pail with ordinary plastic shopping bags. The addition of layers simplifies the disposal of multiple bags, ensuring they do not overlap the edges of the pail when it’s closed.

Can Diaper Genie refills be used in a Litter Locker?

Remarkably, yes! The Diaper Genie II cartridges fit perfectly into the Litter Locker II, thus extending their versatility.

Can a Diaper Genie be used for dog poop disposal?

Definitely! We’ve seen this successfully put into action in a garage setup. The compact and contained design of the Pet Genie handles a week’s worth of dog poop bags efficiently, also contributing to a fresher-smelling garage.

Can a Diaper Genie be employed for cat waste?

Absolutely! With the Litter Genie Plus cat litter disposal system, you can maintain a fresher and happier home. This disposal system enables a swift, easy, and hygienic method to seal away litter clumps, reducing unpleasant odors.

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Do all Litter Genies use the same refills?

The original Litter Genies are the standard model, and they use standard refills. However, compared to the original, the PLUS version is taller and larger, a fact endorsed by a significant number of users.

Does the Litter Genie Plus use the same refills?

Yes, refills for the Litter Genie Plus are essentially the same as the originals. Furthermore, with the Litter Genie Plus, you get an additional 30% more refills, making it a cost-effective choice.

Can other bags be used in a Litter Genie?

Indeed, they can. The patented Dooli Litter Pail Bag Adapter can accommodate bags from the Litter Genie, Litter Genie Plus, and Pet Genie. Dooli 7-Layer Refill Bags or any other suitably-sized bag of your choice can be used in this scenario.

Is it mandatory to use Litter Genie bags?

While using them does simplify the task of cleaning the cat litter box, it’s not strictly necessary. Having it close to your litter box can streamline your cleaning routine, as it saves you the need to fetch a plastic bag or make an extra trip to the trash.

What’s the size of Litter Genie bags?

These bags are typically 28 x 11 inches, rolled into packs of 25, as available on Amazon Pet Supplies.

How many bags can a Litter Genie refill hold?

Each refill contains seven layers of bags with barrier technology to prevent the spread of odors and germs.

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