Can a Cat Get Pregnant By a Dog?

Dogs and Cats are prevalent in our daily lives, they’re also easy to get acquainted each other. They’re often crossing paths in the streets, which leads to people naturally associating the two. For instance, television cartoons often portray cats and dogs as archenemies or even as husband and wife sometimes they have their owwn childrens, particularly for children. So, Can a Cat Get Pregnant By a Dog? Let see how CatPicky Solve this question!

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A dog cannot impregnate a cat because they do not belong to the same species or genus.

Can a Cat Get Pregnant by a Dog

This article goals to demonstrate the widely discussion question of whether dogs can impregnate cats or if a cat can become pregnant by a dog. Over the years, numerous speculations and theories have appeared about dogs impregnating cats or the other way around. However, as their significant biological differences, dogs are impossible impregnate cats, meaning that a dog’s sperm is unable to fertilize a cat’s egg.

While some breeders have tried to create a hybrid dog-cat breed by rearing both animals in the same environment, such as encouraging them to mimic each other’s behaviors or feeding them the same food, like a cat barking and a dog meowing, it still remain able to a dog to impregnate a cat.

Wright (2015) shows in an article that cats and dogs are genetically distinct, making the creation of a cat-dog hybrid highly unlikely. This results refutes earlier claims by breeders who said they had successfully produced “Kuppies” (a slang term for offspring of cats and dogs).

Similar impossible hybrids due to genetic differences include cats and rabbits (cabbits), and guinea pigs and cats (guinea cats), squirrels and cats (squittens). Further in this article, we will have more debated and discussion the biological differences between cats and dogs in greater detail.

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Why Do Dogs Mount Cats?

The reason why people think that dogs can be a partner to make a cat pregnant is beacuse from the dog’s mounting behavior, which is often mistaken for mating. However, mounting does not lead to mating between Dogs and Cats.

Gardiner (2019) demonstrate in an article that the causes of improper mounting among dogs can be classified into three factors: Hormonal, Behavioral, and Other Health Concerns. Hormonally, non-spayed or neutered dogs may cause improper mounting. Behaviorally, dogs might mount other animals or people due to their playful nature, over-excitement, or, in rare cases, obsessive behavior. Mounting can also be a form of asserting dominance or self-pleasuring. Health conssidered like urinary tract infections, skin allergies (such as flea infestations), and paraphimosis can also make a dog to mounting.

Dogs still have an erection while mounting cats, even if it just normally react, which further contributes to the consufused  about whether the animals are mating or engaging in sexual play.

Mounting is typical animal behavior, so don’t worry if you own both dog and cat if they see their dogs exhibiting this behavior. However, if it seems like excessive or if underlying health issues are suspected, consulting a veterinarian is advised.

To adjust inappropriate mounting behavior from dog, avoid providing positive reinforcement, such as laughing or joking, when your dog mounts, let them know that mounting is not allow with cat. Also, harsh punishments are not recommended, as they can cause anxiety, stress, and additional problems.

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Biological Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs are significative difference from number of chromosomes, which result their basic genetic material or DNA. Cats have 38 chromosomes (19 pairs), while dogs have 78 chromosomes (39 pairs), emphasising the distinctiveness of their DNA.

Additionally, cats’ and dogs’ reproductive organs are not compatible, and try to force them to mate must result in injuries and infections, this is inhumane. Furthermore, Cats and Dogs being attracted with their fellow. That means dogs are only attracted to dogs, and cat are only attracted to cats.

Cats and dogs are difference between, include their social behavior. Historically, dogs most likely in groups, while cats, like other felines, are primarily solitary. Additionally, they have distinct dietary preferences.

Nonetheless, cats and dogs are mammals that are nursed in their early stages of life by mother. Both species possess natural maternal instincts, and they don’t hesitate to nurse any of other species.

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Is It Possible for a Cat to Give Birth to a Dog?

Cats are impossible to give dogs “Dokittens” , as it can not happen for a dog to impregnate a cat. The doubt that cats giving birth to puppies is not a day, and some cases have been claimed that their cats had “given birth” to puppies. These claims are fake and also have been debunked.

In a news by Vera (2006), in southern Brazil, a woman claimed her cat had given birth to three puppies. Adil Pacheco, a geneticist and director of the Institute of Biological Sciences at the University of Passo Fundo, took blood test from the puppies to improve the claimed is not true. DNA results showed the puppies were 100% canine. Pacheco demonstrateed that the cat adopted the puppies from a nearby female dog that had recently given birth. This is usual for mothering mammals like cats to nurse other young species.

Can Dogs Mate with Other Animals?

As what we comethrough above, dogs cannot mate with cats, then Can they mate with other animals? For instance, dogs can mate with species which are the same DNA structure and the number of chromosomes. So, Dogs can mate with wolves, and their offspring can also reproduce. Dogs can also breed with coyotes, producing a coydog, but these offspring would be infertile and unable to give birth the next generation.

In natural settings, this type of mating typically does not occur. Generally, coyotes are raised in captivity and then bred with a dog mother.

In summary, There an answer NO to whether a dog can get a cat pregnant, or vice versa. Due to their significant biological differences, so it is impossible for cats and dogs to produce offspring. Does not necessarily indicate mating while you may occasionally witness a dog mounting a cat.

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Is a Cat-Dog Hybrid Possible?

As previously mentioned, cats and dogs are difference species, mating and produing a cat-dog hybrid is impossible. However, some people have tried to create such hybrids.

Roy Tutt (Wright, 2015), who tried to mate cats and dogs. In December 1970, Tutt advertised that he was accepting offers for a “half cat-half dog” hybrid and following his describe, the hybrid had a head of dog, whiskers, fur, and legs is about a cat.

Tutt have spent ten years to seek the fact that we can mate cats and dogs. He believe that keep feeding dogs by cat’s food and vice versa, might aid in successful crossbreeding. He let them cohabitate so they could get acquainted each other’s behaviors, such as meowing and barking. However, Despite numerous attempts by scientists and experts to create a cat-dog hybrid, further investigation revealed that the “half cat-half dog” hybrids were, in fact, pure canines. That’s means differences make it entirely impossible.

13 Cat Hybrids Explored – Can Cats Mate with Other Animals?

Bengal Cats

Domestic felines – 38 chromosomes are still compatible with cats – around 36 chromosomes so they can interbreed with eachother. The Bengal cat is one of the well-known example of such a hybrid, is a mating between an Asian leopard cat in East, South, and Southeast Asia and a domestic cat. According to the ASPCA, Bengal cats – which are resemble leopards – originated in 1963 and are known for their marbled or spotted coats. Now, Bengal are mention as a Hypoallergenic cats.


The Chausie is a hybrids explored from an Abyssinian domestic feline and a jungle cat known as ‘Felis chaus’. They were found between the 1960s and 1970s, inheriting from of their wild cat ancestors, they have the active and energetic traits . To ensure a suitable temperament for a pet cat, Chausies must be leave their wild cat ancestors for at least four generations. Interestingly, Chausies may have existed in ancient Egypt, as some ritual felines which
know as a jungle cats.

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Toyger is not a hybrid of a cat and a tiger despite of their name. Domestic cats do not give birth with larger felines because of substantial physical differences and different subgroups within the Felidae family, which know as big cat – lions and tigers. Toygers were resulted by breeding a Bengal cat with a domestic shorthair cat. Formed a small cat with black stripes and an orange coat, which are resembling a miniature tiger. The breeder, Judy Sugden, lead to develop a cat with this appearance.

Jungle Curl

A hybrid between the Felis Chaus jungle cat, and a domestic cat a American Curl called The Jungle Curl, breed have known for its uniquely curled ears that fold towards the back of their heads.


In the feline world, a Highlander is a mated between a Jungle Curl and a Desert Lynx. Although the Desert Lynx named like a wilde cat, it is actually a mix of various feline breeds known for their dog-like loyalty and sociability.

Kellas Cat

The Kellas cat was initially thought to be a mythical creature as its rarity and mysterious origins. However, in 1984, a dead Kellas cat was discovered in the village of Kellas, Moray, revealing that it was a hybrid between a domestic cat and a Scottish wild cat.

Cheetoh Cat

A Cheetoh cat is newly bred, resulting from a cross between a Bengal cat and an Ocicat, a domestic feline with a coat look like a young cheetah’s spots. These cats tend sociable and require daily interaction. They are also willing to learn a traning.


The Caracat is a resulting from a mating between a wild Caracal and an Abyssinian domestic cat. This hybrid was accidentally borned in a Moscow zoo in 1988 and has since become one of the rarest and most expensive cat breeds. Caracals are recognized by their large, pointy ears with over 20 muscles, allowing them to detect sounds easily.


The Marguerite is a new breed, resulting from a mating between a domestic cat and a Sand cat, a small wild feline found in the deserts of Asia and Africa. Sand cats are good at hunting venomous snakes and have thick pads and fur on their feet for protection against extreme temperatures.

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The Serengeti is a hybrid developed from a Bengal cat and an Oriental Shorthair, featuring dark spots all over its body and round-tipped ears.

Pixie Bob

The Pixie Bob is believed to be the result of mating between a Bobcat and a domestic shorthair, or a barn cat in some stories. Interestingly, these cats are often polydactyl, meaning they have more toes than usual.


The Savannah is an exotic-looking hybrid between a domestic cat and an African Serval, a rare wild cat in Africa characterized by its long legs and black spots.


Finally, the Machbagral is a hybrid between a black domestic cat and a Fishing cat. Fishing cats live in wet areas like swamps and mangroves, have a flat nose, small head, rounded ears, short legs, and webbed paws similar to ducks and geese. These adaptations help them swim efficiently and walk steadily in muddy areas. Sadly, they were listed as an endangered species in 2016 due to the destruction of their wetland habitats.

Q&A About Can a Cat Get Pregnant By a Dog?

Can a dog raise a kitten?

Yes, a dog can raise a kitten, especially if the dog has strong maternal instincts. However, proper supervision and gradual introduction are necessary to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for the kitten.

Can female cats get pregnant without a male?

No, female cats cannot get pregnant without a male. Cats reproduce sexually, meaning they need a male cat to fertilize the female’s eggs during mating.

Can a cat get a dog pregnant?

No, a cat cannot get a dog pregnant. Cats and dogs are different species with distinct genetic makeup, it is impossible for them to attemp offspring together.

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Can cats get pregnant by two male cats?

Yes, a female cat can get pregnant by two different male cats. This phenomenon, known as superfecundation, happens when a female mates with multiple males during her estrous cycle, resulting in a litter of kittens with different fathers.

Do female cats enjoy mating?

Mating in cats is not primarily about enjoyment. The act is driven by hormonal changes and reproductive instincts. The mating process can be uncomfortable or even painful for female cats due to the male cat’s barbed penis, which stimulates ovulation.

How do I stop my cats from mating?

To avoid your cats from mating, the most effective way is to spay (for females) or neuter (for males). This surgical procedure removes the reproductive organs, preventing pregnancy and reducing mating-related behaviors. It is also beneficial for your cat’s overall health and helps control the pet population.

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