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April R. Natal – CEO & Authority of Catpicky


April R. Natal is a writer and best pal to 3 kitties. She’s been writing about cat care topics since 2016 to help fellow pet owners make the best decisions possible when it comes to selecting the best cat products and taking care of their pets. As a passionate cat owner, April has been on the search for pet-friendly carriers, inns, hotels, and breakfasts to give cats the best experience ever.

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Personal information:

  • Full name: April R. Natal
  • Birthday: 8/22/1992
  • Address: 156 Navy Walk, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
  • Email: april.catpicky@gmail.com

Author Biography:

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Veterinary/Animal Health Technology/ Technician and Veterinary Assistant (2010-2014)
  • Writing about cat care topics since 2016
  • She has 3 kitties:
    • Bin
    • Bo
    • Bear

Current position:

  • Ceo & Authority of Catpicky.com

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